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Anyway, I always love going to New Orleans, great atmosphere. Drink a couple Hurricanes, go to the Cafe du Monde and get coffee and those fancy donuts. Lots of terrific restaurants, too. But Bourbon St. Lots of drunken idiots parading around making fools out of themselves, and strip clubs proudly advertising "Wash the woman of your choice!! I'm surrounded by third-tier funk, shitty trad jazz, and bounce. But I really like the bounce stuff. It's the high point of living in New Orleans. Economically, the whole state of Louisiana is fucked--industry ran roughshod all over everything--oil, sugar, chemical crap--and then left.

So all of LA is buoyed by the New Orleans tourist industry, which is sick and disgusting. Y'all can guess what happened. Ecologically, it's a mess that I won't even go into. Decent pot is overpriced and not at all worth it. The weather sucks. The food is good though. And I love the neighborhood I live in, and the fact that it's cheap to live here.

Just had to get it out of my system At the first street light, I witnessed the following: A woman almost ran over a man crossing the street where he had the right of way. Said man starts giving the "I'm gonna kill you" look while walking past the woman's car Said woman opens the door of her car, not to confront the man, but to spit out some horrible gob of something onto the sidewalk, while getting some of the gob stuck in her 6 inch long fingernails.

The sounds of "FUCK you, bitch! This all happened within 10 seconds. That turned out to be the highlight of my visit, actually. I drove around Canal and Bourbon and thought it was very neat looking, but I just had this feeling that being a solitary guy walking around alone at night here and parking a car that was, at this point, my only life blood of survival, was not the best idea in the world. So I took I further west, and found a motel in Gonzales. And of course, stopping in In general I'm not a good authority on what to do while visiting, because my answer was usually, "Come over.

I'm making gumbo. Various things from up-thread -- food and so forth -- remember that hardly anyone actually lives in New Orleans. So most of the restaurants aren't in the city, either -- they're in Metairie, Kenner, and so forth. That said. Eating in the Quarter. Skip anything and everything with a guy outside telling you how good it is, but I'm sure that's the same in NYC -- if they have to tell you, they're lying. Skip the Lucky Dogs. They're the closest thing you'll get to a real hot dog in the south, the way Macaulay Culkin's the closest thing to a woman you'd find in Michael Jackson's bed.

Go to Cafe du Monde, get a coffee, get some beignets, and yes they're too sweet. Drink the coffee black to make up for it. Watch the break dancers across from Jackson Square. They're pretty good. On Decatur Street, which is the street nearest the river -- the one Cafe du Monde is on -- face the river and look left. Walk down the street on the lefthand side until you see Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville.

Wave to Margaritaville. Continue going another dozen-twenty feet or so, and go to Coop's instead. It's the cheapest good food in the city and the best cheap food. The gumbo is some of the best, although expensive by their standards; everyone raves about the jambalaya and redfish either blackened and meuniere ; the boudin is city-style boudin, and so not the best, but it's all right as a hint of what Acadian boudin is like; the creole shrimp is very popular when it's good, but is the only thing on the menu I know of that seems to be inconsistent -- sometimes it's too watery, sometimes it's too peppery.

Of the big-name restaurants, Brennan's is overrated, Arnaud's is underrated but best at brunch, Commander's Palace is as good as people say, the straight-up French restaurants Louis the whatever, Galatoire's are not worth the money because they're not there for the food -- they're there for lawyers and Old Money to network and interbreed, and Emeril Lagasse's Nola is worth going to for lunch, when both the prices and servings are reasonable.

The non-jazz local music scene goes through cycles because of ticket prices inflating from nationwide touring acts, and the loss of some local venues. In the Quarter, if you're not on Decatur, you're in the mood for jazz, and you hear some, follow your ear and you'll likely be happy with what you find.

He took my last banana and introduced us.

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And I drove those two, with their bags and their boxes and their two hundred thousand gothic accessories and their twin inabilities to drive, home to Tampa. I probably shouldn't hold that against New Orleans, but I do. Wait, isn't that just in the Square itself i. I swear they were there the last time I went, which was Okay, not the last time, cause that was at night, but the time before that I picked up Cafe du Monde coffee-and-chicory at the store today while this thread was being revived, all unawares.

My question is. Actually, come to think of it, apparently there are a lot of them at the New Orleans Zen Temple, but I don't even know where that is. Well, NOW I would. I'm older and wiser. Not much meat on 'em, but the gators would probably appreciate 'em anyway. Michael Satan as we call him to distinguish him from the many other Michaels running around is probably wearing those fishnets right now. The girl still wore colored clothes, but she had to keep them in a shed in the back yard. This was known to my snarkier friends as "closet apartheid", and to me as "why I am glad he went with her, not me".

Second time--with same girl--was, in equal measure, a nightmare. And more--borderline sense of supranatural or collective menace. Third time--weekend-long bachelor party, I'm the best man--didn't see much but strip clubs. Suffered through. The room's about the size of a dorm, so Glyn was about two feet away, wig, sunglasses, and all. And that was pretty goddamn cool. I had a personal record of urinating on the street ten times in a row, my most brazen shower occurring at the corner of Bourbon and Canal while waiting for the trolley.

With that said, do as I say not as I do. DO NOT urinate in public.

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I was lucky. You'll score major voodoo karma points if you help the little girl mime chase down the greek sluts who spit beer on her. She may even hook you up with some weed. And whatever you do, don't just go up to kooky looking people on the street and say "Get a picture of me with this guy!

My theory about New Orleans is that they act like that because every drink of water they've had has been already drank six times. Someone in Minnesota drinks a glass, pisses it, and it goes into the river.

Someone in Iowa drinks a glass, pisses it, and it goes into the river. By the time it gets to N. Parish, I don't care how many times you "purify" it. It's still going to have crazy in there. Nawlins can't help it. They have done away with licensing and regulations and eveything is chaotic. My fist night off Canal street outside the French Quarter I got run off by the cops within 30 minutes.

All the cops tell you where you can't play, they will not tell you where you can play. Cops would rather harass street musicians than go bust crack dealers and armed robbers-it's safer. I'm stuck here now, and Baton Rouge likes to pretend that New Orleans doesn't exist. Major news events can happen there, and one has to check the national news or papers to get details. Although i'm native to Tangipahoa Parish, i always felt as if i was in the sphere of influence of New Orleans.

Only an hour's drive away, i feel cut off from that world. Having said that, yes, it is a shithole. I know this place - it totally rocks. Okay, fuck this noise, Sam, I'm coming to get you and we're going to NO. I like to roll down the front and back windows and pretend its a convertible.

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I like going around Jazzfest. Yeah, it's sorta hot and touristy, but the tourists aren't nearly as annoying as at Mardi Gras and the bands are hot too. I went in December to go to a second line, and it was great to be there without tourists, but the evenings were COLD. I'm even sad about the place with the "wash the girl of your choice" being gone. A jury this morning convicted all five New Orleans police officers accused in the Danziger Bridge shootings, which took place amid the chaos after Hurricane Katrina and claimed the lives of two civilians, and a cover-up of startling scope that lasted almost five years.

The verdicts were a huge victory for federal prosecutors, who won on virtually every point, save for their contention that the shootings amounted to murder.

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