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It may be unstable with some motherboards. It can be deactivated by adding radeon. See Phoronix article for more information. The radeon driver supports amd dynamic switchable graphics activation of a heads-up display HUD which can draw transparent graphs and text on top of applications that are rendering, such as games.

Mobile GPU Faceoff: AMD Dynamic Switchable Graphics vs. NVIDIA Optimus Technology

More information can be found from this mailing list post or this blog post. It is the technology used on recent laptops equiped amd dynamic switchable graphics two GPUs, one power-efficent generally Intel integrated card and one more powerful and more power-hungry generally Radeon or Nvidia. There are two ways to get it work:. With the radeon driver, power saving is disabled by default and has to be enabled manually if desired. Since kernel 3. You can determine whether your computer has Dynamic Mode or Fixed Mode switchable graphics by reviewing the available options on amd dynamic switchable graphics Catalyst Control Center software switchable graphics screen.

Read a section below for more information.


Your Catalyst Control Center Software graphics may be different due to differing versions of the software. Specific applications are configured using the Catalyst Control Center software.

AMD Switchable Graphics Windows 10 Tom's Guide Forum

If the Switchable Graphics screen allows application level settings, your computer has Dynamic Mode switchable graphics. See the Changing Dynamic Mode switchable graphics default settings section of this document for more information on accessing the Catalyst Control Center software. Dynamic Mode enables the computer to use both the integrated amd dynamic switchable graphics discrete graphics processors without restarting or resetting the display. It only takes a minute to sign up.

The AMD Radeon software determines which GPU an application will use by default, and this is supposed to be configurable, but I'm having difficulty finding the right control panel. The instructions I've found online don't work. Privacy Policy. Contact Us.

The issue of installing this type of drivers is often discussed. For example in this detailed answerwhich explains how to install the fglrx packages supplied by Ubuntu and amd dynamic switchable graphics how to install official ATI binaries from the ATI site. Or is it just the ATI driver missing" That makes me think that ATI running at full power is causing the heating and the crash, and that I should deal with the problem of the ATI drivers, while leaving the Intel issue aside.

Page 1 Page 1 ear icon eye icon Fill 23 text file vr. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Status Not open for further replies. Previous Next Sort by votes.

Oct 24, 5 0 10, 0. For few games like Batman Arkham City, it works well. I'm wondering if there is a similar way to disable the Intel shared GPU on the N in order to force it to run solely on Radeon graphics. I know I can control which Amd dynamic switchable graphics runs when through the Switchable Graphics Method feature amd dynamic switchable graphics Catalyst Control Center, but that still doesn't seem to disable the shared GPU completely which seems to take over when running on battery power - there is no apparent way to tell for sure which GPU is being used. Go to Solution. FabioDaniel11 Replied on August 8, Graphics cards launched before work in fixed mode change gpu by the switchable menu but after all been launched with dynamic change gpu by choosing profiles.

In reply to FabioDaniel11's post on August 8, I have had the same problem as Yall. I just uninstalled ccc reboot.


Downloaded amd dynamic switchable graphics win7 amd drivers from the hp website and installed them in compatibility mode. This only amd dynamic switchable graphics to be provided in the case of Nvidia Optimus at present thanks to the consistently updated Verde drivers and gaming profiles. Furthermore, there were a few smaller details which we were able to observe with our Sony test notebook using AMD graphics. The available and installed driver disappointed us with graphics errors when driving an external display, missing OpenGL support during automatic switching mode, and several errors during games e.

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On the other hand Optimus is also not completely perfect, and could improve in some areas of usability. The manual switching between the integrated and dedicated graphics for example, which is possible with AMD, would be useful for skeptical users. The activity indication provided by the optional taskbar icon could also be improved by a hardware indication, such as a status LED on the device already provided by some Clevo Bareboneswhich would make it easier to notice and eliminate any doubts. Altogether, we currently see Nvidia's Optimus as the clear winnerespecially for less knowledgeable users. The AMD solution can only be recommended to gamers as soon as the current problems are fixed and the drivers can be updated amd dynamic switchable graphics AMDs website.Laptops equipped with Switchable Graphics are capable of engaging the higher performance discrete graphics adapter for 3D applications, and the.

If you have amd dynamic switchable graphics modern AMD Radeon with recent software, e.g.,the Windows control panel, click Power and select Switchable Graphics.

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