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Polycom RealPresence Group - video conferencing kit J Being the holiday season, I decided to gift the new one to my brother, use a spare mouse at work 3. After a few months I was determined to fix it. Searching logitech gs500 the internet, I found lots of people reporting similar mouse problems, many with Logitech but others as well, with almost as many DIY solutions.

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Sounds great! Researching further, I actually found a number of distinct solutions, all claiming logitech gs500 fix this or a similar problem the tutorial referenced above actually links to 2 :.

OK, so two solutions that contradict each other 1 and 2two that sound very dubious 5 and 6and a software fix 7 that, while creative, attacks the symptom rather than the root cause. To me, the best-sounding solution was 3, logitech gs500 the problem described was an exact match for my own. And it turns out that this was the solution that worked for me!

These sites had the most comments reporting success though. Supposedly the curve in the middle of the leaf spring affects the stiffness of the clicker. Also, putting the copper spring back into its place was so incredibly difficult that while trying to wrestle it into place with a pair of tweezers, I most likely bent the damn curve out of shape again anyway. Just replace the whole microswitch assembly without opening it up. Of course this requires the ability to logitech gs500 and de-solder the thing from the circuit board, trading one steady-hand activity for another. So I set out to fix my spring! Here are the steps.

How I fixed my Logitech G mouse click problem Liquid Quartz

Tip: the pad has two layers a smooth one and a sticky one ; make sure you logitech gs500 under both layers before removing. Pry apart the upper shell from the base.

Tip: Logitech gs500 the weight cartridge first, then you can use the empty slot as a finger-hold. Watch out for the ribbon cable that connects the two pieces.

Thank you!

Those are the microswitches and the little white bit should make a clicking sound when you logitech gs500 on it. This is the 2nd hardest part of the whole procedure.

Take a look at the shape of the top half and try to wedge a logitech gs500 blade at the seams. Before you remove the leaf spring that metallic, copper looking piecestudy it carefully. One end is fixed.

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Learn Solve Buy Manage. Running Windows 8.


CE works in other streaming applications without issue. Features Features AccuType Keyboard The acclaimed AccuType keyboard is ergonomically designed to make typing more comfortable and to reduce errors. Did a logitech gs500 format of the computer and fresh OS install, still the same bug ;s I'm damn stoomped at what's causing this Gaming gear, in theory, should be all about precision. That's why Logitech tells us the dots per inch the mouse's sensor can handle and how fast and how often the mouse gets data from the laser sensor. Aug 23, DaveBG and Athlonite like this. I am still with win7 and NO upgrades on one machine and Logitech gs500 on the other. On my mouse, most of the xydation was on the metallic parts making contact with the spring leaf.

logitech gs500 My mouse only started working badly in my office when the humidity went way down in the winter. And you are not the only one to point out that the electrical tape worked for them.


It seems that different people may hit different problems with their mouse, each needing different a solution. Thanks for sharing!


Yes, you have a good chance of restoring the contact logitech gs500 the problem occured due to exidation. Just look for contact cleaner with oxide disolving properties.

Gaming Mouse Pad - Cloth Surface - G - Logitech

Your post was a lifesaver man. It took me approx one hour logitech gs500 fix G, and it was a very unpleasant experience. First, I would not recommend using a sharp object to remove sticky sliding pads as they are cut and damaged very easily. I had no problem opening the mouse and opening the micro switch housing, and here I would like to especially thank you for the advice about a sticky tape that held the white click-tip in place.

Premier, One Year, RP Medialign 170. Includes: GS 500 w/EEIV

But, when I finally started working with the leaf spring, that proved to be extremely difficult task. Putting it back was a nightmare as well as it bends and logitech gs500 in all directions.Welcome to Logitech Support. We've put everything you need to get started with your Gaming Mouse G logitech gs500 here. MyHarmony Support Ultimate Ears Support Community Forums. Product Description. The Logitech Gaming Mouse G is your weapon of choice for precision and control. Gaming-grade laser gives you game-changing.

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