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The design of these horns comes from horn guru Bill Woods. The loudspeaker enclosure, and its compression drivers, are a work-in-progress as the try to extend the frequencies covered both up towards 20K Hertz and down as low as possible. The insulation on top of the upper horn does not seem cogent field coil bass compression be for sonic purposes, but rather as a place to cache tools close by without damaging the loudspeaker enclosure - and probably to keep the tools from sliding off and falling on delicate toes. This photo displays both the low-frequency driver, on top facing down into the lower horn, and the high-frequency driver, on the back of the top horn.

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Read times. The sheaf of papers included callouts for various images. I liked the nuggets.

LM speakers. Has anyone tried their speakers like RCA and WE ,how do these sound and the price mentioned by Loyalty is after discount or before discount.

OMA audio looks back at gramophone design for imperia horn series

BB code is On. Something new to play with this Easter weekend I picked up an based SET a couple of weeks ago and I'm starting to see the attraction. Quote from: doug s.

I too would be more interested in knowing more about crossover points and so on. Mike, I'm going to have to contact Bill Woods about those speakers. It's his design built around Cogent's drivers and I remember when I told him about Chris having them he said he had been there when they were installed. That's about all I cogent field coil bass compression.


Posted on: Shindo wrote:. The main advantage of field coil designs is the extremely high flux density, or magnet strength, which allows playback of music far beyond what non field coil drivers are capable of. Why go through the trouble and expense of a field coil?

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Speakers are the primary source of distortion in the play back chain, field coils can drastically reduce these distortion levels. There is a harmonic richness, ease, dynamic tracking ability and naturalness that is achieved with field coils. There is a harmonic richness, ease, dynamic tracking ability and naturalness that is achieved with field coils. Instruments and voices float in space in an envelope of air, with breadth and life. Hearing a properly designed field coil for the first time is mind blowing. Basic advantages are; A Much more fatigue free playback B Magnitudes more perceived inner detail C An amazing ability to sort out the musical information and detail D A more relaxed feeling while listening E Better perceived dynamic contrasts or "Dynamic tracking ability" F A total reduction of all smearing of information G More realism and presence H A greater sense of involvement with the music I Far less perceived dirt and grain in the playback J A greater sense of the meaning and soul of the music or greater communication.

Why doesn't everyone use field coil drivers and why did they go out cogent field coil bass compression production? Romy the Cat. However, one of the comments I see repeated is that these devices are expensive. I am against any second order crossovers. The experiments that I referred were done during the times when I investigated the influence of the upper bass coil to the performance of the MD driver in case they are driven with one amp, and this influence is huge!


Certainly with the Super Melquiades where each driver will have own cogent field coil bass compression it will not be the case. Rgs, Romy "I wish I could score everything for horns. Believe me or not but with the Super Melquiades dedicated HF channel I find the internal courage to try the older diaphragms. With the Super Melquiades HF channel I have much more method in my disposal to deal with the older, metal surround, diaphragms venomousness, and I hope I will be able to deal with it. So far the results are not satisfactory but will see when I will lean with this.

Cogent Field Coil Horn Speakers

About the objective data: the metal surround diaphragms, as I wrote before are much more sensitive with the same impedance primary due to these absents of HF roll-off after the secondary resonance. The exact numbers of the output differences are following:.

We got the impression that they were just tweaking with the tone arm for fun, trying out some ideas. The B-based monoblock tube amplifiers. Not sure what this is.

Environmentally conscience audiophiles can relax in their new tubed home. This includes not just the series filter circuits but also impedance correction and attenuation circuits. Adding a crossover circuit is only beneficial if it corrects a problem that is greater than the damage caused by the circuit.The Cogent horns use field coil compression drivers patterned after the famous For the bass horns a high quality solid state amplifier won out over the tube. The drivers we were hearing were the Cogent field coil compression cogent field coil bass compression which are Cogent makes a bass driver for use in a bass horn extending down to.

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