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Anyone here willing to do the Smugshot/Mugshot(Burnout Paradise) trophy for me? IGN Boards

Any vaguely decent image editing program, including the ones that all three of these little-cams give you, lets you play with contrast and brightness and colour saturation and sharpness. And there's often also a general make-this-photo-nicer button, which produces results about as good as anybody could, if they were starting from a tiny-cam picture. The little Dodge Viper still looks a bit as if it belongs to the proprietor of Hair By Nigel, but it's less pink than it was, and the picture's really not too bad. It's aiptek pencam vr2 surprisingly sharp - the focus of the VC 2 I got for review is set rather close.


This is good, if you want to take pictures of things within arm's reach of the aiptek pencam vr2. It's bad, if you don't. More on that in a moment. Here's the PenCam Ultra's view of the indoor low light test scene. Grainy, once again, but for some reason the little capsule-cam has a much better idea of the actual hue of the little red car. The colour balance is good, and the focus isn't too bad - it's fuzzier, yes, but that's because the PenCam Ultra I got for review has a more general-purpose mid-field focus setting than the VC 2 I got. On to the DualPix.

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I got in closer this aiptek pencam vr2, so I could play with the DualPix's adjustable focus. This low light picture's taken with the default infinity focus setting, and it's rather fuzzy, but aiptek pencam vr2 DualPix's large image capacity means it's very easy to tweak the focus a little, take a picture, tweak it some more, take another, and so on. One of them'll be perfect.

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If you've got its sound turned on, the DualPix beeps when you turn the focus from the infinity setting, and it also flashes the little person-icon in its display to indicate to you that if you're about to take a picture of Mount Fuji, it's not going to be any good. It also gives you an extra beep aiptek pencam vr2 time you take a picture at other than infinity focus - but it takes the picture just fine.


In high illumination, though, the DualPix put some odd alternate-line brightness artifacts into the red portion of the image. You can see them quite clearly if you click the thumbnails for the full-resolution images. I didn't see this effect in any of the other pictures I took with aiptek pencam vr2 DualPix, and aiptek pencam vr2 not really obnoxious. But it's peculiar.

Here's the VC 2's opinion of it. The thumbnail doesn't look completely revolting, but click it for the full image and you'll see that this is quite seriously fuzzy, not to mention rather overexposed. The VC 2's close focus setting lets it down badly aiptek pencam vr2 you're out and about. The PenCam Ultra does a better job of aiptek pencam vr2 swing and slide picture. Still washed out, still replete with circular tiny-lens distortion effects, but not horribly fuzzy. The DualPix beats them both, though. Its distortion's not too bad, and its colour rendering is notably superior.

Another scene - tree branches against the partially overcast sky.

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This sort of picture will aiptek pencam vr2 up the limitations of an auto-everything camera that picks its exposure unwisely; if it can't do a half-decent job of this picture, it won't do well on brightly backlit portrait shots, either. The VR 2, once again, makes a hash of it, thanks to its close focus. The exposure's actually aiptek pencam vr2 good, though.

The Pen Cam Ultra redeems Aiptek's honour. Only the middle of the image aiptek pencam vr2 really in decent focus, with those ugly tiny-lens distortion effects fuzzing out the edges. But the exposure's all right, and the colour isn't too bad either.

Just shift the images and you are right back to the silver world. Visitor recommends. Silver was the basis for all photography, so what aiptek pencam vr2 bytes now? Buying Format see all. All Listings. Best Offer.

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