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Bridgerton has been renewed for a second season, which means the Sheffields are coming and The Viscount Who Loved Me is about to be adapted on screen.

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Naturally in a TV adaptation, changes will take place, inner thoughts need to come out on screen differently without the presence of the omniscient narrator —but that said, why not at least take apart some of our favorite moments in the book? We teased out what this article would look like in our Scene Breakdown for Chapter The Library, and that will also be included in here as well to flow this analysis chronologically.

One that it already has. I said what I said. Enough to make him let out a small, decidedly unrakish, unroguish squeak. There is no going back after this moment. Contentment and a sense of ease that comes naturally around someone is not always simple to describe. It does not always makes sense—at times, it just is. And for Anthony especially, when we know that this is a feeling that is rare for him, it is thus that much more beautiful to see that Kate is able to bring this to the surface. Something is not right. The inability to just be even for a short while has often been cobbled with the very thing inside of him that broke the day his father passed.

It is hard to describe the death of a parent, it is even harder to describe the death of a parent you are most alike, it does not matter how much time passes, the trauma is always with you. If you are fortunate, you learn how to live with it in such a way that your parent would want, but Anthony Bridgerton has yet to learn that because he has yet to face his own heartaches and he has yet to share his crosses. This is such a small moment, a fragment really, and one I did not think of until recently, but it fits because this sense of contentment, for a man like Anthony is hard to come by.

To be in such state where he is fully aware that he is at ease this woman is the very reason she is right for him—the very reason why after tonight, he will dream of no one else. As we have discussed in our character deep dive, Anthony Bridgerton has anxiety —and as someone who also suffers from anxiety, one of the very things I am often consciously aware of is the people with whomever my anxiety is not a staggering force.

When I am at ease with them, I know they are my people, and in all my years of understanding this notion, this gut feeling has yet to be wrong. Something about her was…right. She felt right. She smelled right. She tasted right. And he knew that if he stripped off all of her clothes and took her there on the carpet on the floor of his study, she would fit underneath him, fit around him—just right. How will this work out with the way things ended between Siena and Anthony?

We are not sure, but what we are sure of is that the desk in his study needs to be replaced because there is no way anyone could fit under there! And this is a scene we absolutely need adapted to screen. There is something so incredible about the banter here from the moment he spots her crouched like a frog, to the moment he realizes she is clawing or biting his knee. Kate Sheffield is the only woman who could rile this man up while simultaneously setting him on fire —physically and emotionally. And Kate Sheffield is the only woman who could match his vigor with her own.

It really is such an exquisitely fun scene and we want to see all of it. And to think he sets off trying to threaten her for interrupting him, but ends up kissing her instead only to realize that it is so much more than his dreams let on—so much more than he imagined. And it is this very kiss that makes it clear that there is something about Kate. There is something about her that no other woman possesses and there is something in her that fits him just right.

The simplicity in the word choice Quinn uses here says it all —everything about her is right.

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There is also something even more incredible about this scene, which is just how aware Anthony is of what he intends, what he wants and who he wants —he does not set off to hurt Kate, he admits to that, and as childish as throwing the key is, his awareness in how vehemently he wishes to apologize is so fascinating to read. Maybe TV Anthony will get down on his knees to apologize, or maybe he will just show us that even though he does not do it, it is the very thing he wishes he could do. And even if it none of this, this all preludes the scene in the library incredibly.

But perhaps, all that aside, everything about this moment is just further proof that you cannot escape the thing your heart truly wants, you cannot escape the person whose entire existence has dominated your world, and that is what Kate is doing, without trying to, without even wanting to. It is seeing that this woman is worthy —more than anyone else.

And it is a woman being given a flower for the first time, which is a huge deal, and a beautiful one at that. The thing is, even if you are not fond of flowers, even if they might not be your cup of tea, there is something about the first time someone gives you a flower —someone who gives you something just because they believe you deserve it.

The idea that she is not the first choice is already so appalling to him, and the more he tries to deny it, the more his actions prove otherwise. Kate should be showered with all the flowers—she will be, but for her first to be tulips, which symbolize passion?! Simply excellent. Because as the one thing she never thought she would have, the one thing she did not allow herself to dream of, knowing it is what she will get and more makes this moment greatly evocative.

It is the one thing I am fairly certain that every single reader wants kept right down to the overwhelming detail of both of them realizing that something is different now. It is where everything changes—really and truly what shakes things into motion, but it is also single handedly, what deems Kate Sheffield as the best of them all. What illuminates the fact that she was always meant to be part of this family. And that is exactly what Kate does—she sends him off to the lake to fetch the pink ball she sent in with her black mallet of death.

It is the moment where we all know, the moment we can be certain of, even Colin Bridgerton has declared Kate Sheffield the perfect Viscountess Bridgerton. It is plotting to ensure Anthony is left with the pink pallet while Kate wields the black and it is plotting to ensure that his time is insufferably unbelievable during this game. He leaned forward devilishly. Part of the reason the enemies to lovers trope is as fun as it is, is because when it is done right, it sounds a lot like this.

Just checking to make sure we are still talking about the game here, Lord Bridgerton … or do you have other things in mind? Spoiler alert, he does. Pall Mall on screen could and should be an entire episode. I do not think anyone would be opposed to this and much like other TV series have reoccurring holiday episodes, Bridgerton should give its viewers reoccurring episodes of yearly Pall Mall matches.

All that occurs at Aubrey Hall is single handedly the best part of the book, and it is largely due to the vulnerability it brings out of the Bridgerton family as they are back in their ancestral home where the spirit of Edmund could be felt most easily.

There is a particular detail in chapter eight that speaks of Hyacinth and how Anthony has tried to fill the gap that not knowing Edmund must have left her with as best he could It is that very detail that now has us absolutely needing to see Hyacinth partake in all the fun at Aubrey Hall. It could also be yet another exhibition to Kate of just how devoted he is to his family, and much like herself, that there is nothing he would not do for his sister.

It does not have to be an official game of Pall Mall, but something of the sort—something that shows him involving Hyacinth would be everything and more while honoring this detail wonderfully. If you have already read the teaser for this article, then this part remains unaltered and you may skip to the next part if you would like.

If I loved this scene less, I might be able to talk about it more—first, how hard is it to actually choose a first with these two? If we had to choose one scene that is adapted on screen as close to the books, this is it. I will be fine with changes here and there, but this, I am holding on to for dear life. This is a crucial scene for both characters in a moment of shared vulnerability that changes everything, and there is a tremendous amount to love about it.

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For Kate, things change not only after Pall Mall, but when he swoops in to escort Penelope Featherington to her seat after 19 th -century mean girl, Cressida Cowper has had her way with one too many words, but it is this scene in the library that tells us, more than anything, that these are two characters for whom compassion runs deep.

This is the moment where without even realizing, they are completely transparent with one another —as close to baring their souls as they have ever been while not quite there yet. She is the woman he admires effortlessly, in spite not wanting to, because much like him, she holds on to her beliefs with unwavering fervency and colossal compassion. He knows she cares for her sister in the same way he cares for his siblings.

He knows she would lay down her life for them at any given moment. He knows she would go above and beyond, and he knows, without a shadow of a doubt, that Kate Sheffield is a woman who deserves his respect, which makes this moment of vulnerability that much more incredible as a reader.

For Kate, no one has seen this side of her, and she had hoped that no one would, but when Anthony finds her in the library, crouched under the desk—his respect for her only intensifies, and the determination to care for her increases in tenfold. We have been saying all throughout our Bridgerton reviews that conversation matters—transparency matters, and despite the fact that this is not a moment led by choice, it is a moment that beautifully le to the one that will change both their lives.

She seemed to relax slightly at his touch, which left him with the oddest feelings—almost a sense of pride that he had been the one to be able to help her. As the man who has had to take care of his family since he was years-old, this is the very detail that tells us, he is just as good as Edmund in spite of his belief that he is not. Once he begins speaking of his childhood, however, briefly, it strikes a chord in her. He was talking about his own fears, something very specific that haunted him every minute of every day. Something that she knew she did not have the right to ask him about.

But she wished—oh, how she wished—that when he was ready to face his fears, she could be the one to help him. Is it any wonder we have been continuously saying that conversation matters? Seeing people as they truly are and knowing entirely that they deserve the world comes from moments of transparency like this. And it is necessary to note that he is not asked about his father on the TV show even when he makes it clear that he misses tremendously. Is it any wonder why fans of this novel are itching to see all this brought to life on their TV screens?

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