Wednesday fuck buddy

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Courtney was sick of dodgy Tinder hookups - so organised a weekly sesh with her most recent ex. Hooking up? That must mean it's Wednesday. Photo: Stocksy Source:Whimn. It was the kind of casual sex you have for the sake of exercising your right to have casual sex. Which is to say, sub-par. Joe and I had history. Then later, unsuccessfully sexted for six months it ended with him ignoring my requests to actually address what we had been doing and what it meant.

When I first met Joe years before at uni, I developed a severe crush that I struggled to shake. Because Joe is the kind of person everyone conceptualises as ideal. But above all, Joe is pragmatic. Which maybe helps to explain how we came to a place of having scheduled sex. We'd had the dating and then the break-up and then the sexting which brings us up to the point where it seemed like a good idea for us to start hooking up again.

We'll try anything once. Image: iStock.

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You might say our crazy plan was doomed from the start, to which I say you are totally correct. To be fair, in the beginning, having scheduled sex with Joe seemed like the logical solution to my casual sex woes.

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Here was a regular hookup with someone who I knew would prioritise my pleasure without the hassle of dealing with the bullshit that can come with the casual sex scene. It was also incredibly time efficient and left me free to pursue other people I was keen on.

The whole situation was utopian - I was a sex genius! Call me Samantha effing Jones! Save for the fact that I was lying to myself about the fact that I probably loved Joe and he would never love me back! Deep down, I knew it was never going to work. Inevitable heartbreak aside, this is how we organised things: We would message each other at the beginning of each week to see what our schedules were like, and then pencil in a time that would suit us both to have sex. As part of the agreement, we would prioritise seeing other people, not hook up with each other outside our deated scheduled slot and agreed to keep it only between us.

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Finally, we decided sleepovers were allowed. Sleepovers allowed. Three weeks into this erotic experiment and after being the person who always had to organise the sex, I decided to silently strike - if he wanted to have sex, he could organise it. I sent a message asking if he wanted to sleep together that week. I expressed my annoyance, he apologised, we shifted gears and agreed on a set day going forward - Wednesday - to eliminate the need to coordinate each week. I put it in the iCal and we forged on ahead. If you agree, as Joe and I did, that we should put seeing other people besides each other first, you will need to accept the difficulty when both of you hear about the other person dating new people.

You will need to feel comfortable talking about their sex life outside the sex you are having them. Because it is hard. Sadly, communication was not his strong suit. Image: iStock Source:Whimn. There are two potential reasons as to why I lied to myself for so long about how I felt; 1. It was too painful to admit the truth of this person never feeling the same way as me, or 2.

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Wednesday fuck buddy

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Wednesday fuck buddy