Want to stay up and play

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Some people with extremely long working days would rather steal a little time for themselves at night than sleep, according to an article by the BBC. The term revenge bedtime procrastination, or bedtime retaliation, has become a popular expression in Chinese.

Sleep researchers are all too familiar with the fact that people go to bed later than they should. The need for personal time as an explanation for delaying bedtime has not been as well studied. But might it be one cause of the problem? Researchers know little about why people delay going to bed.

People who procrastinate when it comes to going to bed may also procrastinate when it comes to other activities, a Dutch study suggested in Another problem is that the internet offers a hour bar, with entertainment, shopping and great conversation.

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When we watch TV, surf the web or play games, our tired he are also stimulated. These pastimes can engage us in a way that makes it difficult to fall asleep, Vedaa said. We know they sleep less, and have more difficulty falling asleep than young people did thirty years ago. Gaming is part of the reason. People are also available to each other for large parts of the day. Adolescents are more likely to decide on their bedtime than younger children.

But the reasons behind the lack of sleep can be positive, while still being detrimental to sleep, Vedaa believes. When therapists like Vedaa help people with sleep problems, they try to find out what is interfering with each person's sleep and what can be done about it.

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In countries where people work extremely long days, employers should take into that employees need time to relax, according to one of the interviewees in the BBC article. In Norway, people who work shifts may have a problem finding time to wind down in the evening, Vedaa said. This is especially problematic for people who are going to work a day shift the next day. Vedaa says it could be that these people are spending more time on their phones in bed than usual, but he has not specifically asked about this. And the second is that they may be overly aware that they have to get up early the next day, and try too hard to fall asleep.

The problem for people who suffer from a lack of sleep is often that they try too hard, he says. Some people were offered the equivalent of about a hundred Norwegian kroner, while others could earn around a thousand. Setting aside time earlier in the evening — putting the day to rest, I usually call it. Some people may think that they can relax from a difficult day by watching TV series or checking social media in bed.

But a really binge-worthy TV series may not be the best choice when it comes to trying to fall asleep, he said. It can simply be too tempting to finish the episode — or even worse: to watch another. Translated by: Nancy Bazilchuk. Read the Norwegian version of this article on forskning. Now and then, it can feel good to do something fun instead of sleeping, but after the fun comes the pain. Photo: Colourbox. Marianne Nordahl Journalist. February - Why do people put off going to bed? Photo: private. If you haven't had time to scroll through Instagram all day, the opportunity can suddenly present itself at eleven o'clock in the evening.

Nord University.

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Want to stay up and play

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Teens Are Driven to Stay Up Late, but Why?