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I meet plenty of people at all levels and whatever status.

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This is meant to be a general primer. It does not necessarily apply in other cultures or countries]. I got an from a young, super bright entrepreneur today. A guy I would love to work with — maybe even hire myself. They had never met. He responded by ing the COO and asking him to lunch. Oy vey. Busy execs hate lunches. They are time sucks. Sure, they like to occasionally meeting good friends for lunch, important contacts for them or group lunches.

Not so much.

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Same with dinner. Just look at my waistline. And given that I travel enough and have dinners with portfolio companies, etc. I have nobody in mind.

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So what can you do? And when is lunch or dinner OK? First date, speculative meeting : I always recommend you ask for coffee. You become an easy second date to accept. You might get an hour. I want them to be the least amount inconvenienced. I want the meeting. I want it to be easy for them to have it.

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It can be great for second VC meetings. I always prefer at your office so I can kick the tires. I like board meetings at your place so we can pull in other team members and hear from them.

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Break bread. Talk about more than just biz. Or how about we meet first thing in the morning and grab a quick breakfast?

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But what about lunch, Mark? Are you really that grouchy? I actually love the right kind of lunch meetings. If you know the person well — in whatever capacity — then lunch is fine. I would be open to a first date being breakfast and a second date being lunch. On these occasions I always pay. Meals, meals, meals. I find many other people are, too. I invite some senior people, some junior people doing big things. You can definitely ask senior people to dinners VCs, senior execs at companies, etc. People go to dinners to meet other interesting people.

So having somebody that people want to meet is a great way to start. Sold both companies last to salesforce. Snapchat: msuster. in. Never Ask a Busy Person to Lunch. Mark Suster Follow. Entrepreneurship Startup Lessons Venture Capital. Both Sides of the Table Follow. Written by Mark Suster Follow.

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Never Ask a Busy Person to Lunch. Here’s Why: