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Those that woke up early to see some early morning wreckage along the Aryshire coast are disappointed so far. Finally some weather! Zach Johnson looks terrified of the rain drops, and has ificantly increased his pace.

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The rain is about to separate the mudders from the fluff. Why is his face so punchable? Phil bogies. Stenson bogies. Kaymer is ejecting. A benches clearing brawl just broke out at the Open and mass ejections are coming. Tron needs to wake up.

Still a whole lot of Zach Johnson going on, hence the lack of updates. Can you imagine, that poor, poor Claret Jug, if it has to spend another year in the Johnson household, getting filled with sparkling water after sparkling water. The horror.

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Wind is up to 20 MPH, and all the easy holes from yesterday and from earlier are back into the wind and look impossible. Wind lost some momentum, just more than a zephyr at the moment. Ben Curtis with the Tarkenton on the par-4 third today. Made an Aikman on No. Tough week. Check out who's lurking at TheOpen. Phil makes 1st bogey of the week at Patrick Reed arriving to Royal Troon???? Seriously though, why is Poulter dressed like he's playing pic.

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Phil just wanted a little more sauce at the Postage Stamp today. This leaderboard will do just fine, Troon. Or he may not have.

Up lateearly need to chat

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