Swinging fairhaven

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What is a comma but a claw rending the sheet, the asthmatic's grasp? What is a question mark but what's needed to complete this thought?

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Punctuation: what is it, after all, but another way of cutting up time, creating or negating relationships, telling words when to take a rest, when to get on with their relentless stories, when to catch their breath? If you care even the least whit about how you write, this is a class for you. We will certainly examine the rules and principles of English composition, including grammar, punctuation, word usage, sentence construction, and strategies for proofreading and revision.

But such examinations are sometimes dull, stuffy, self-righteous, and boring.

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Ours will attempt a more stylish exploration of written style, like trying on hats in a haberdashery, or hounding the hobgoblins from our foolish consistencies, or swinging outward on a swaggering buccaneer's highest rope. Will it be dangerous? Of course! An education should be. So come all ye word-sick, word-loving, word-puzzled pilgrims.

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Bring your grammatical contusions and confusions. Your punctuated paralysis. Your fears of saying what you have to say, clearly and directly. Together we will try to unlock the mysteries of writing with style or at least help decide when to use a dash-when parentheses. We will un-dangle our participles, un-awk our words.

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All are welcome to take this course. This will be a fun and challenging one-credit course, hopefully helping each of us get out of our one-horse towns, tilt at a few windmills, and learn what there is to learn in the wide, wide world of writing well. Elements of Style. CRN Course g.

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Instructor Tag. Credits 1. Description What is a comma but a claw rending the sheet, the asthmatic's grasp? Materials Fee 7.

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Term Fall

Swinging fairhaven

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