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Hi Girl My name is dr. Darek Krasnicki and I'm a leading English speaking physician in Wroclaw and the morning after pill is my tonight's topic And recently in the Polish news a lot of attention was paid to the restriction of use of the morning after pill.

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Currently by law the age of 15, but Polish Ministry of Health plans it should be raised to 18 and only by doctor's prescription. On the other hand lot of legal advocates like me say there shouldn't be any age restriction.

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If the pill is taken within first 72 hours after having sex, after your intercourse, can prevent pregnancy, usually by interfering with fertilization or ovulation. But some pills can be taken up to five days after having sex. But the longer you postpone the greater the chance of your pregnancy.

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The pill has about 80 to 95 percent chance of preventing pregnancy. Of course, your period may be affected but only for a short time. And the most typical side effects are nausea, vomiting or both. Cost in pharmacy, in the Polish pharmacy, can range from 50 to PLN. It's about 10 to about 40 USD dollars. If you want more information you can talk to me personally in my surgery in Zernicka street in Wroclaw or your doctor or even pharmacist in your drug store.

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I hope it was helpful for you. If you like this video hit the like button. See you. Kmicica 3.

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The Morning After Pill in Wroclaw. And the first question I am trying to answer for you is at what age should the morning after pill be available to prevent pregnancy?

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When should the morning after pill be taken? Odpowiedz Nazwisko lub pseudonim.

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