Sex dating in Minnie

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That song has been stuck on my mind and in my playlist since it came out. Also, today is rather cold here. On the real though, the cold is unbearable! Mickey… where you at boo? Blame it on the weather.

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Which reminds me, I saw a funny twitter post yesterday. Based on pretty much the same topic. The guy said something like. I just have these wild wild wild thoughts. Mickey, get that making love playlist as well as gangster rap.

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It will be 2 weeks tomorrow. I know, cobwebs and I was wondering, if Mickey and I were to take out the sex, what would be left of our relationship?

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Actually I saw a post that got me thinking of this. So I started to analyse our relationship. Point is, before freaky dicky, we are best friends. In all honesty, I have had relationships and now that I look back, the only thing that kept us together was my nudity and his dick game. Obviously, those relationships failed. And Miserably I should add. I have a whole blogpost decicated to these humans! Because yes, I do have a looot to say!

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Guilty as charged. Catch you on the next one. Love, Minnie. Loading Comments Required Name Required Website.

Sex dating in Minnie

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Sex dating in Minnie