Seeking oral specialist

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I am looking for a good oral surgeon recommendation for corrective jaw surgery. Most of the reviews I have found are with wisdom teeth. We are willing to travel across the Bay Area for a good oral surgeon. My mother was a patient of Dr. Also don't underestimate the added benefit of being in the care of UCSF Anesthesiologists and Nurses - this "adjunct" care is just as important in many cases as the surgeon!

Vu at Bayside Oral and Max. Surgery was amazing with my daughter's 4 impacted wisdom extraction December Excellent care among the whole staff.

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I highly recommend Dr. Not only did he successfully extract 4 of my teenage son's teeth, but my son has a medical condition that made it higher risk and we had a complete and thorough exam and consultation beforehand. Before that, I had called early in the pandemic when every office was still closed and he returned my call personally and promptly to answer my concerns. As you will see, he has excellent reviews and I was referred by friends who also took their kids to him with great success. Good luck! Hi - for our son's wisdom teeth our regular dentist recommended Dr.

Alex McDonald. McDonald discussed what he saw in great detail with us impacted growth, even an extra tooth! He took out all four wisdom teeth at once, with light general anesthesia, and our son was back in shape very quickly aka he ate a light dinner that night.

We followed the discharge advice to the letter: take Tylenol even if it doesn't hurt, ice for 20 minutes every so often, and he never got "chipmunk cheeks". We went to one routine follow-up and confirmed there were no issues at all. His staff worked with our insurance and we only paid the out of pocket amount that we owed. All in all a very good experience.

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We highly recommend him. TIA for any and all suggestions. Hi - I don't know details about his specific experience with heart issues, but believe it is worth checking in with the office of Keith Gronbach at East Bay Oral Surgery.

My 14 year old just had major oral surgery with involved general anesthesia - our experience with him and his amazing staff could not have been better. My daughter agrees.

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Good luck, and feel free to PM me if you would like to chat. He is also an MD as well as an oral surgeon. And he has extensive background in anesthesia, per his website bio. He's also a great guy and made both my kids feel very comfortable with oral surgery.

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You may get some great suggestions here; my suggestion is to ask his cardiologist for a recommendation. If he will need anesthesia for the procedure, be sure the anesthesiologist is board verified in pediatric anesthesia. I'm looking for a recommendation for an oral surgeon for wisdom teeth extraction for my year-old daughter.

I went on the Denti-Cal site and then looked up those folks on Yelp and yikes--not such great reviews. The one place that was given decent reviews was the Western Dental on International Blvd. I'm fine to travel anywhere in the Bay Area for a good surgeon. My 16 yo just had her wisdom teeth removed with Bryan Krey in Orinda. He provided this device with all three of my. He was a good listener and provided excellent care.

Office staff friendlythey called that evening to check on her. My son had his wisdom teeth extracted last summer by Dr. Keith Gronbach in Lafayette. It was a really good experience and the entire office was wonderful to work with. Definitely worth it if you live anywhere near by we are in Oakland. The website is www. HI, I'm looking for a good oral surgeon for dental implant work in the East Bay ideally someone near Bart. Please let me know. Thanks, Nikki. For an oral surgeon I recommend going to San Francisco.

In fact I now go to San Francisco for all of my dental care - it is a bit of a story but overall I have found and been much happier and receive correct, up to date treatments with dentists in San Francisco. I recommend Dr. Joseph Gabany in Union Square as an oral surgeon and Dr. Sean Moran for dental care and Dr. Robert Quinn for orthodontics. Happy With My Teeth. I just had lengthy and long dental surgeries and implant surgery to replace bone and 2 teeth. I highly recommend periodontist Dr. Ryan Horn for this work, he has done an amazing job under very difficult circumstances.

He has 2 offices, one on Regent St and one in El Cerrito. He can be reached at He worked closely with my wonderful general dentist Dr Richard Clopton, who ALSO can do implants my case was complicated with several bone grafts and he can be reached at - Dr Clopton did the crown and bridge, and he is an artist.

My dad placed a few implants last year. He needed extra bone, CTscan and of course sedation! Rahmatian who is a general dentist performed the surgery and did the crown work for the implants. The result is great and there was almost no discomfort afterward. There is an advantage to see an implant dentist like him, someone who doest both part of the implant work.

He does have specialists and sedation doctors in his office if there is a need for them. A gum specialist worked with Dr. Rahmatian for some part of my dad's surgery. Their website is www. Just moved to Berkeley from Philadelphia, and my wisdom teeth are acting up. Looks like I'll have to bite the bullet and get them extracted. While we're at it, if you have recommendations for a general dentist I'll be happy to ge those too. Thanks a lot! I had impacted wisdom teeth and was pulling other teeth at the same time for adult orthodontia. I had 7 teeth pulled at once with Dr. Berger and he was excellent.

The office was well run and they explained everything very clearly.

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They put me under and the next thing I knew, it was over and I was in recovery with my hubby there to pick me up. The group is called Berkeley Oral Surgery www. My husband went to Dr. Alijanian in Walnut Creek for his wisdom teeth removal and liked him very much, especially in how he followed up a couple days later.

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I also thought he and his staff were well-organized, knowledgable and patient. They gave us much more attention than expected, eventhough this was a pretty standard, relatively inexpensive procedure. Both my son and daughter need their wisdom teeth pulled next year,and I do not have dental insurance.

I am looking for a recommendation for an oral surgeon or dentist? If I have to pay more to get the best, so be it. If so, perhaps someone who will allow monthly installment payments. Hi All three of my kids had their wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Craig Bloom in Berkeley. He treated them very kindly and called to check up on them. I would recommend him.

Mom of three. I can recommend Dr. Michael Doucet, in Albany. He removed my daughter's impacted wisdom teeth without a hitch. The office staff was very nice, especially when it can to paying the bill! His is I'm looking for an experienced oral surgeon who extracts impacted wisdom teeth. My year old daughter needs to have this done, and I want to make sure that she is in very capable hands before moving forward. My daughter has some existing medical conditions - mild asthma and a history of seizures, so I need someone who is willing to work with her doctors, and can handle any complications which might arise.

We live near Richmond and have Delta Dental insurance, but would consider going to Berkeley, Walnut Creek, Oakland, or Concord for an excellent oral surgeon. Keith Nelson, who has an office next to Alta Bates. He specializes in wisdom teeth.

Craig Noblett, D. He has an office on Telegraph Ave. My teenage daughter had a good experience with Bloom, Berger and Krey in Berkeley

Seeking oral specialist

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