Phone or sexting now

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You might have gotten the call from another parent, who was appalled. Or the school administrator. Or maybe you found out about it yourself. Read some of the racy texts. Ultimately, you caught your teen sexting. Sexting involves the exchange of sexually explicit content, such as messages or photographs, between mobile devices.

Interestingly enough, the word was first listed in the dictionary in — around the time smartphones were gaining popularity among teens. So many parents have been, and currently are, in the same situation as you are now. Nevertheless, when it is your child engaged in this interaction, we understand that your emotions may get the better of you.

So the first thing to do is to temporarily put your feelings aside. While you might be tempted to yell at your child, or even cry, take a deep breath. Count to ten while breathing in and out from your abdomen. At this point, you need to act from a place of logic, not fury. When you take away the phone, your child will be upset. Instead of yelling back at them, understand their hysteria. Validate their feelingsbut do not return the phone just yet.

I love you and I want to help you. We have to come up with a plan together to keep you safe. In the meantime, I need to take the phone. Later, we will have a lengthy conversation about this. To prevent this, communicate with others. If your child has a best friend, talk to their mother.

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Because teen sexting is a crime in the U. Anyone who sends or receives sexually explicit content electronically could face charges of child pornography from both the state and federal government. Originally, these laws were instituted to help protect children from predators. But even when the photo or message in question is being sent to a friend, sexting still violates child pornography statutes. Convicted teens may even have to register as sex offenders.

In fact, just this year a high school teen in Maryland was charged with child pornography for distributing a racy video of herself to two friends. When some time has passed, and both you and your teen have cooled down a little, have a formal conversation. It is highly embarrassing for a teen to have a parent read sexual texts and posts they never meant to become public. Be sensitive and as nonjudgmental as you can. In this conversation, talk to your teen about what led them to engage in such actions. Consider whether your teen is struggling with mental health issues like depressionanxietylow self-esteem or trouble setting boundaries.

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The digital world of social media becomes the space where they can feel popular and attractive. So when a guy pops up in their inbox and starts chatting, they reply back. Often, teens who get involved in sexting are victims of sex traffickers.

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These girls believe they are speaking to boys their own age. But often these men are predators and much older than they assume to be. Even when the teen might want to cut off contact, she might too scared. Note: While we use a girl in the example above, any teen of any gender can be a victim of such a situation. For reasons mentioned above, teens who become engaged in inappropriate conversations with people online or in person might need mental health treatment. Often, their depression, anxiety, loneliness, lack of self esteem, issue with boundaries, or another mental health issue le to a vulnerability that people can take advantage of.

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It will also help your teen develop the coping skills needed to move forward with life in a healthy way. After discovering their teen engaged in such an inappropriate encounter, some parents believe their teen can only receive treatment in a gender-specific program. Mental health professionals like Twist urges them to think twice about this. We truly believe that girls and boys need to learn how to talk appropriately to each other in a healthy way.

This skill will serve them well both immediately and in the future, as adults. We are open and accepting clients. Yael Klein. Call us today for a free consultation with a counselor: The photographs are used for illustrative purposes only.

Phone or sexting now

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