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Share it! Upload Pictures or Graphics optional kingrex ud384 Convert USB data to analogue output to connect to amplifier. The UD can be divided into 5 main quadrants.

John Atkinson at Stereophile measure the kingrex ud384 output of the Touch to be impressively low. One can only surmise kingrex ud384 there must be more foes to fight than jitter alone. Here is the procedure. There are also some settings that need to be changed on the laptop sound output — this is clearly explained in the UD manual, with a snapshot of instructions, step by step.

Kingrex UD-384 DAC

Which is a shame if you want to plug into a DAC capable of higher resolution. Performance: This unit went through different genres of music during the review, via two systems — one in my office and the other, my main system at home. Read More. Here we can see, that this is just a DSP, which was programmed by the company kingrex ud384.

Kingrex UD 32Bit/kHz DAC Price & Reviews Drop (formerly Massdrop)

It seems, that the DAC is also integrated in that chip. From there the signal goes to a kingrex ud384 with removed markings.

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The company writes, that those outputs can be used at the same time. Attention is drawn by the splendid passive elements, like the worked out power stabilizing circuitry, discrete, using transistors, where we have nice Nichicon capacitors, precise resistors, polypropylene capacitors from Wima, and most of all, an expensive, kingrex ud384 and mechanically compensated word clock. U Power is fit in exactly the same chassis as the UD On one side we have the input socket for the external power supply and the switch between charging and playing directly from battery, and on the other side we have two outputs and two LEDs — a blue and a green one.

KingRex UD 384 DAC, U-Power DC Battery Power Supply, and U-Craft USB Cable Review

This is not to say I had completely trouble free operation, as occasionally music kingrex ud384 freeze for couple of seconds and then keep going. I tracked the problem down to my USB hub. So your mileage may vary. I was reminded, however, that the main goal here kingrex ud384 to review the end results in terms of sound, user friendliness, and build quality. I tend to prefer the battery mode however. On the Macbook the outcome is much more clearly cut and my preference for battery powered operation was formed rightaway.

The UD worked immediately after connection, without the need to install drivers. Because the Macbook already sounds very tight and fast and at times can be just too analytical, I quite liked its sound with the UD kingrex ud384 fed from the battery power supply from the get go and had no craving to remove the battery power supply. In these circumstances, there is no feeling of rounding, or lack of speed or dynamics.


It will free the AC kingrex ud384 from the charger. Parallel charging- each battery cell could charge to its maximum by the design. So what makes this little package so special?


The UPower unit was a similarly simple device to set up and use. It has an umbilical that attaches to the UD to provide a nice, steady DC voltage, while the UPower itself is fed from a separate wall-wart when it is in its charging cycle. There is a simple toggle switch on the front of kingrex ud384 unit that lets the user choose between charging and output cycles.The UD is an ultra-high-performance digital-to-analog converter (DAC) with USB input that will dramatically improve kingrex ud384 sound quality of all your digital.

6moons audio reviews: KingRex UD w. U Power

Christine Wu, KingRex: "I don't know whether you kingrex ud384 installed the UD drivers. Here is the procedure. 1.

Charge the U Power as it should be in.

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