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Could we ignore thick driver if it is incompatibe? Hm, good idea.

jdbc thick Will require lots of testing though I guess. Hi, Managed to get it working now. For client-side use with an Oracle installation.

JAVA Programming: What is the means of Thin and Thick Drivers in java

The disadvantage to this driver is that it requires an Oracle client installation, so it is not suitable for applets. The advantage to this Type II JDBC OCI driver is that it accesses Oracle-specific, non-Java, native code libraries on either the client or middle tier, thus providing a more complete set of functions, and better performance. Jdbc thick can locate libocijdbc Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.


Subscribe to comments. Categories : 9 Development. Sounds good jdbc thick me I wish our DBAs would hear you out.

Using the “thick” OCI drivers in ODI 11g IDE

But it seems that they don't like the thin driver due to how the failover configuration has to be done into the JDBC URL rather than through tnsnames. Jdbc thick is there a way to get the thin driver to read this file as well.

As you can see, I'm not an expert at this, I'm just a developper that jdbc thick super-annoyed at having to keep the Oracle client and drivers in sync all the time. Set the library jdbc thick environment variable to the directory from Step 1. The Instant Client files should always be installed in an empty directory.

If you have done a complete client jdbc thick by choosing the Admin option, then the Instant Client shared libraries are also installed. On UNIX, this library, libheteroxa On Windows, this library, heteroxa Only one set of Oracle libraries should be specified in the library path environment variable. I dont know about thick driver, but thin driver is a name given to one of the driver implemetaion, for java to be connected to Oracle. The OCI driver needs to use Oracle database client libraries. This means that it will work only on systems that have an Oracle package that includes the Oracle Call Interface OCI libraries installed on them.

Accessing the Oracle Database with Java

jdbc thick The Thin driver is written entirely in Java. Server-side Thin driver It is functionally similar to the jdbc thick Thin driver. Server-side internal driver It is used for code that runs on the database server and accesses the same session.

This driver is useful in the following scenarios: Accessing a remote database server from an Oracle Database instance acting as a middle tier Accessing an Oracle Database session from inside another, such as from a Java stored procedure The use of JDBC Thin driver jdbc thick a client application or from inside a server does not affect the code. Note: The server-side internal driver does not support the cancel and setQueryTimeout methods of the Statement class. See Also: "Using Applets with Firewalls". See Also: "Packaging Applets".

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See Also: "Session and Transaction Jdbc thick. Powered by Blogger. About Me Ashok Kumar View my complete profile. Total Pageviews.

This chapter provides an overview of the Oracle implementation of JDBC, covering the following topics:. In addition to supporting the standard JDBC application programming interfaces APIsOracle drivers have extensions to support Oracle-specific data types and to enhance performance. It is platform-independent and does not require any additional Oracle software on the jdbc thick provides four types of drivers for their database, but I'll only enumerate the two you asked about. The OCI driver is a type 2 JDBC driver.

Database JDBC Developer's Guide and Reference. The connection pooling provided by the JDBC OCI driver jdbc thick applications to have multiple logical.

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