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Also, gripping too tight keeps the hands from releasing through impact. Take a soft grip. Related: A quick fix for that slice off the tee.


Ok, you've got the right club and the right grip. Our goal now is to substitute the swing loop you're making--the pull-inside-then-loop-over-the-top one--with a loop that goes in the opposite direction. I used to try to get students to take the club back on an upright plane and then flatten it coming down, but they didn't change much. Most slices with the driver result from a downward angle of attack, which produces weak distance and a slicing spin. Set up to the ball with your head a few inches behind the ball to help promote an upward strike. With your head behind the ball and your right hand grip below the left, you'll have a natural get rid of your slice in your shoulders at address.

The proper shoulder tilt at address will promote a good shoulder turn on the backswing. For left handed golfers it is flipped, and it occurs when a shot curves very hard to the left when in the air. The slice occurs when a golfer has poor grip on the club, an improper setup, and an outside-in swing path. What is an outside-in swing path? This is when the golfer reaches too far out on their down swing, which then causes their club to come down on the outside of the target line of the ball.


When this occurs it forces the golfer to pull the club head in closer into them in order to hit the ball. Which in turn causes the club face to point to the right of the target at impact. Many golfers who are slicing the ball are using the wrong driver. Instead of using a driver with a greater loft of the club face, they are using a driver with very little loft. Get rid of your slice amateur golfers are not aware that there is a very clear relationship between the length and loft of a club to its accuracy.

Before I go up to take my shot, I like to pick an object in the distance that is in line with my target.

4 Easy Ways to Stop Slicing the Golf Ball

This helps get rid of your slice follow through right down my target line, and helps me avoid going across the golf ball! The takeaway is essential and is the foundation of your golf swing. Everything starts with the takeaway! I know this is A LOT of info to swallow, but by applying these tips to your game, you will start being able to control your ball flight and eliminate the slice from your game! If you are brand new to golf, check out my beginning golfer survival guide here. Do a lot of your golf shots start left and curve around to the right and end up in trouble? Do you feel like you lose a stack of distance with your wicked banana slice? For golfers trying to get rid of the golf slice is still the number one problem for golfers worldwide which is why so many golfers want to fix their golf slice for good.

One cause of sliced shots is the shoulders being too open at impact.

A quick fix for this is to get rid of your slice the ball back in your stance. As I briefly mentioned in the beginning, some golfers make the slice worse by aiming farther left. A weak grip helps promote an open clubface for a butter fade.

But if your fade has turned into a huge slice you need to change your grip. Enough of the reasons why, you are here to learn how to stop slicing the golf ball.

Slice No More - Golf Tips Magazine

Here are four solutions to help minimize your slice and maybe even turn you into a player who draws the golf ball. Your equipment can have a huge effect on the flight of your golf ball. The first thing to evaluate is your shaft flex. In a golf shotthis is exactly what happens to make the ball curve across the sky as a slice. This can often be confirmed by looking at the divot. On the get rid of your slice, the divot produced by a slice swing is often pointing well left with the ball ending up well right of the divot's direction. This is a classic slice.

Our discussion of the grip, stance and swing will revolve around the different elements that can cause this type of impact. The grip has little to do with the direction of the swing, but everything to do with where the clubface looks at impact e. Grips can be very individualized.

A grip that produces a perfectly straight shot for one get rid of your slice can cause a huge hook or a slice for another. If you are a chronic slicer, you will likely find that your right elbow flares out, away from your body during your backswing. This forces the club high and away from you, and causes you to pull it back across the ideal swing path during your downswing. This movement will impart left to right spin on the ball, while the excessively steep downswing will send the ball much higher than you want it, resulting in a loss of both control and distance. get rid of your slice

During your backswing, try to keep your right elbow as close to your body as want to change your stance a little bit. you get rid of your slice keep the ball towards your front foot. but as you take your. Tee Times USA - Florida's Golf Vacation Specialists. LPGA tour player Kathleen Ekey teaches amateurs.

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