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This is your Sidebar, which you can edit like any other page in your workspace. Ensure your students and staff members are accountable for the follett panther they check out with our fast, convenient receipt printers.

We also offer a cutting-edge wireless scanner with built-in inventory capabilities. The Follett varsity football team won Thursday's neutral playoff game against Jayton TX by a score of Preview: Follett vs. These kits support the science concepts they are teaching, resulting in positive effects in students. Quick Help follett panther Wireless Destiny Transferring Textbooks and Quick Help for Wireless Destiny Transferring Assets guides you through the process of transferring ownership of textbooks and assets to other sites in the district.


Follett Remote records the information in data files that follett panther later upload to your circulation system. Getting started If you've just received your Follett Panther, make certain your package contains everything on the enclosed packing list. Managing the batteries Once you've verified that you have everything you need, you'll first need to charge the batteries. The Panther has two types of battery power: The main battery pack on the back panel, and follett panther backup battery located inside the Panther.

Both batteries work together to prevent data loss when you use the Panther over long periods of time. You must charge both batteries to full capacity before using the Panther for the first time. Inserting and removing the main battery pack To insert a battery pack, 1 place the follett panther of the battery without the locking tab into the bottom of the charging pocket and 2 snap the battery into follett panther with a hinging motion.

To remove follett panther battery pack, push the locking tab down and pull the battery away from the charging slot with a hinging motion. Power Cable 1.

Destiny Hardware

Attach the appropriate plug adapter to the plug of the power cable. Insert the plug into an appropriate power source. Important: Use only the peripherals, power cables, and power adapters from the follett panther.

Use of peripherals, cables, or power adapters from other manufacturers will void the follett panther and may damage the Panther. Make sure to maintain a continuous power supply to the Panther to help prevent data loss.

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When you remove a battery pack, insert another charged battery pack in the Panther. If the main battery pack is low, either connect the Panther to the Power cable or insert the Panther into a HomeBase. Either action powers the Panther and begins recharging the battery. Note: If the main battery is low and the Panther is in Suspend mode, pressing the SCAN button does not wake the Panther; you follett panther replace the discharged battery with a fully charged battery. The internal backup battery prevents the Panther from resetting when you remove the main battery pack.

This battery retains RAM data and allows follett panther real-time clock to remain operational for up to 30 minutes. If the Panther is left without the main battery pack for more than 30 minutes, the internal backup battery discharges and must be recharged to function properly. However, the Panther automatically cold boots when you install a fully charged battery pack. If this happens, you'll need to re-configure your wireless network settings and reset the real-time clock. Charging the backup battery The internal backup battery charges off the main battery pack and requires eight hours charge time to back up RAM data for 30 minutes.

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You can begin using the Panther after charging the main battery for four hours. If you do so, the internal backup battery will continue to charge off the main battery.The Follett Pantherâ„¢ is a hand-held wireless device. It has a self- contained application, Follett Remote, that allows you to collect barcode scans offline for many. follett panther

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FOR DESTINY RESOURCE MANAGEMENT SOLUTION USERS. The Follett Panther pairs the freedom of wireless access with high- performance barcode.

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