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Reverb is also something at which analogue excels.

I remember well the early days of digital reverb in recording studios, it was only 8-bit and sounded pretty awful, but like all things digital it's gotten much better where today an engineer or any hobbyist on their computer at home with the click of a mouse can get an almost perfect replication of the world's finest concert venues with Impulse Response Convolution Eastern electric minimax dac. Rather than describe what less than ideal DACs sound like, below is a little graphic that will show you what digital reverb can sound like.

Eastern Electric MiniMax DAC Junior and MiniMax DAC Supreme

While there are literally millions of reverb types, let's assume this is a simple, linear, 4 second smooth reverb that begins at the left and smoothly trails out to the right. The first example shows what the recorded 'verb should sound like while the other examples show what eastern electric minimax dac happens when sent through a DAC, CD player or other digital source.

Think big, soft, billowy cumulus clouds; those are the Eastern electric minimax dac. Then think thin, streaky, puny Stratus clouds; those are older or cheaper DACs. I think when Mike and John were describing the voluminous space and how well it was defined, I think part of what they were hearing was the magnificent job of rendering the microscopic molecules of the sometimes thousands of reverberant reflections; long, short, wide, narrow, loud and soft bouncing off everything from the microphone itself to walls, lighting fixtures, rugs and even people eastern electric minimax dac constitute ambient audio.

The fact that the little wonder was able to capture all of that from high-resolution, studio master quality tracks was in itself remarkable, but what really blew my mind was the reverb it eastern electric minimax dac able to dig out of standard Redbook CDs! Of course, ambience is not the only thing the Mini does extraordinarily well. It's fast. Very fast, but even more than that, it hangs on to notes as good or better than anything I've heard.

For example, big drum hits; we not only hear the initial attack and the resounding enclosure of the drum, but you hear it trail off like a real drum would and not get chopped off as per usual. Low bass will make you wonder what you've been missing all these years. And yeah, I'm still talking about regular CD's. A few of the reviews I have seen have alluded to the fact that the EE Minimax Dac has a very high potential eastern electric minimax dac be a giant killer if those pesky not very good stock Opamps are swapped out.


Each note seems to be highlighted, illuminated. As the viola is bowed, the combined sound of those strings becomes an event in itself.


But that was while listening to LPs. I had never felt that level of reality before.

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While edges of sound are not rounded off with the stock EE DAC, the mod seems to provide a finer tool on those edges…no digital rawness on the highs whatsoever. The stock DAC almost does it as well, but there is no doubt the mod does it better. I like the sound of female voices slightly better eastern electric minimax dac the stock EE DAC, but I was listening late at night…not a fair comparison.

Eastern Electric Minimax DAC V5 Supreme Sound Opamp Mod

MiniMax DAC. To survive in the present climate, hifi makers must get creative.

m3000nUpdated: 3/24/2011
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Please just share with me. I enjoy a wide variety of music. Thank you so much! Hope all is going well for you.


This missive comes from a longtime reader and fan of your columns. I wrote you eastern electric minimax dac three 3 years ago about op amp rolling in the original Minimax DAC and you kindly responded to my inquiry.

Audio Blast: Eastern Electric Minimax DAC

Like you, I prefer listening to my MiniMax with tube engaged.A few years ago, MiniMax components from Alex Yeung's Eastern Electric brand were eastern electric minimax dac caliente. From half-width preamp to phono stage and integrated to.

[Note as of Over the course of months spent with the Eastern Electric Minimax DAC the review below turned into a major project with a second article.

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