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No need to speak with a sales representative. They are used for telecom data transmitters, for example. Absorption spectra for various values of bias for eam modulator TM left and TE right polarisations.

The user can chose the temperature, the bias and spectrum range. After eam modulator the project, in the Analysis tab, choose Setup. Optogenetics: Illuminating Our Head Space.

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How to Construct a Compelling Grant Proposal. Spektr-RG Charts the Skies. The operation of eam modulator modulator is also simulated in a simple test circuit. Important model settings.


Updating the model with your parameters. Taking the model further. Additional resources.

Appendix: Working principle. Appendix: Length optimization. Understand eam modulator simulation workflow and key results. An electro-absorption modulator EAM modulates the amplitude of light thanks to the change in the absorption coefficient of a semiconductor material with an applied external electric field.


The THz field coupled two excited states excitons of the quantum wellsas manifested by a new THz frequency-and power- dependent NIR absorption line. Languages Add links. Note: the product keyword eam modulator and some other parts of the site's functionality would require Javascript, which however is turned off in your browser. After waveguide formation, the sample was planarized and standard - and -contacts were deposited by electron beam deposition. The total length of the device was m, including beam expander sections. Picture of a packaged modulator.

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The 3-dB optical small-signal response for the device is shown in Eam modulator. The launched laser power is 0 dBm. The III. The to be greater than 38 GHz. The dc extinction ratio and A picture of the packaged modulator is shown in Fig. Yao, and J.

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Makino, K. Shinoda, T. Kitatani, T.

Shiota, M. Aoki, N.

Sasada, and K. This will sweep the flat part of GeSi layer in the range set for the sweep. The sweep results are shown in eam modulator figure below.

Electro-absorption Modulator

From the results, it is obvious that at certain length values, there some maxima in transmitted and some minima at which no light is coupled to Si at the end of GeSi layer. So any length value corresponding to a peak in transmitted power would be suitable for the design however, longer lengths would negatively affect the bandwidth of the device due to larger capacitance eam modulator offering better modulation efficiency because of higher light absorption. Copyright Lumerical Inc. Privacy Site Map. Application Gallery. Step 2: Optical simulation The carrier concentration and electric field profile obtained from the electrical simulation will be converted into a spatially dependent refractive index to determine how the optical properties effective index of the waveguide change as a function of applied voltage.

Step 3: 2nd electrical simulation optional Another electrical simulation by CHARGE solver is needed to obtain the photocurrent generated by the device as a result of light absorption by using the generation rate data from the optical simulation.An electro-absorption modulator (EAM) is a semiconductor device which can be used for modulating the intensity of a laser beam via an electric voltage. Electroabsorption modulators are optical modulators based on the Franz-Keldysh effect. They can be used in telecom transmitters, for example.

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