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Is 10KV is ok for this purpose.

Please help. What would I need, and can you give me a link to something suitable. Dear Abdullahdrop me a mail with a few photos showing your neon tubes, so I can better understand the type you have. Search forums.

(This Instructable Is Dead.) Singing Arc Plasma Speaker Project - Revision 2.0!

With the The sub-harmonic bass generator is a sound producing unit for guitars. The sound it produces looks very much like that of 555 audio modulated flyback bass guitar. The octave generator is sometimes quite unusual since it does not produce any of the usual ways of coloring the sound, The datasheet for the IC shows that it produces pulse-width-modulation that varies the average output voltage and therefore the power of the plasma arc.

I also have an ATX power supply from a computer, and it has a nice 12v rail, but I don't know how many Amps it is. TO Heatsink. It is simply an ineffficent class A amplifier I made only since 555 audio modulated flyback was made of parts I had on hand. It simply modulates the 12V input. It is not very loud, and I half expected it to not work at all.

Audio Modulated Flyback Drivers For Mac Introduction Have you ever found yourself troubleshooting a circuit, needing more information than a simple can provide? Nice generator. I build a prototype according your schematic and it works fine.

It produces 555 audio modulated flyback lot of Ozone! With 10 turns on the primary side, I noted poor performance, so I decided to use the winding between pins 2 and 3 of the flyback, and the results were very cool. For the RC1 I used a 2.

Some of My Plasma Speakers

However I noted that was spend of time, because it takes no effect. Why do you think the IC is been hot?


Does it get hot even when you disconnect the gate? IRFs work here fine but their internal resistance is quite high so they tend to heat up. Thank you Jozef.

Audio modulated flyback Kaizer Power Electronics

I did measure the output with the oscilloscope and noted that the square 555 audio modulated flyback does fade-out slowly. Thus, I did replace the IC and now everything is ok. I did tune the frequency for the flyback 39kHz and the performance is really nice. I did put a little heatsink and is working fine at least for 2 minutes of continuous operation generating Ozone.


The current seams to be small. I've got something similar at home and anything less on my particular transformer will saturate the primary causing heating of the MOSFET. Yours may be different. You want the current to go from your power source, straight into your primary, into your 555 audio modulated flyback then ground or the reverse if we're talking electron flow This means short, heavy gauge wire.

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Btw, did you try to make switch with opto-coupler? Greetings from Uruguay. This circuit is nice if an intention is to get maximum voltages out of a flyback, by tuning the resonant capacitor you alter the efficiency, too.


A ZVS is more efficient since it pumps more current into the flyback, but it is difficult 555 audio modulated flyback get higher kilovoltages without stressing the flyback much. How many kilovolts on output you get depends on your setup; i. Well that would suffice. Nice site. I tryend adding the resonant capacitor. Search for: Search.

(This Instructable Is Dead.) Singing Arc Plasma Speaker Project - Revision !: 6 Steps

Skip to content This single transistor flyback driver topology was created in response to achieve higher efficiency and higher output voltages from 555 audio modulated flyback CRT television flybacks diode split flybacksfor experiments such as x-rays or ionic lifters, without having to make any external HV multipliers. The quasi-resonant topology But to say the least, the first driver I have built with this topology had an AC flyback and an input power supply rated just 60 watts.This graph shows the voltage drop vs. output current of the IC.

I wanted to do a 555 audio modulated flyback modulated flyback arc with few components and a small form factor. Audio Modulated Flyback Transformer. pulsed DC high voltage using timer The flyback I found was from an old Dell CRT computer monitor.

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