Need to taste it all

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As you age, you gradually lose your senses of taste and smell. One of the joys of eating is being able to taste the sweet, sour, salty and bitter flavors of food.

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Savor every morsel for taste can be lost during short-term illness or permanently lost because of more serious health conditions. Timothy Boylea Marshfield Clinic otolaryngologist, says the special sense organs in your nose and mouth, are complicated. For young people, taste can disappear because of a health condition like a common cold or medication side effect, and it can happen immediately.

Within that lining are microscopic nerves that detect smell. Anything that affects that pathway affects smell, which directly affects your experience of flavor. Medications that dry out secretions will lessen the ability to dissolve molecules that produce flavor in food. Medications like some psychiatric medications, chemotherapy, bladder medications and antihistamines also affect taste.

Smoking, nutritional deficiencies and therapies like radiation to the head and neck can affect your sense of taste. Radiation treatments can profoundly alter the sense of taste, and many patients change what they eat because of it. Boyle said.

It may just be diminished. They either smell rotten socks or have a metallic taste in their mouth. In general, not much can be done to get the sense of taste to return. One suggestion from Dr. Boyle is to look in the spice cabinet. Using more or fresher spices can be a quick fix to get some flavor back in food. Stay hydrated. Taste may return if you get moisture back into your mouth and avoid medications that cause these types of problems. Artificial saliva products also can help in some cases. Sometimes waiting for a cold to go away will help get taste to return. However, some viral infections can permanently damage the taste nerves.

If you are having trouble with taste, it usually is not due to a severe illness. Regardless, discuss any concerns with your physician. Our team wants you to be in the best health you can be.

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Thank you for reaching out. We recommend talking directly with your doctor about the symptoms you are experiencing. Can someone pls tell me what I should do? I had covid back in July and August of and was in the ICU Stepdown for weeks and am now back to work and the funny thing is I NEVER lost my sense of taste or smell…however two weeks ago I noticed that I could smell things but my ability to taste anything sweet or salty is pretty much gone except for eggs with organic sea salt and Raisin nut bran cereal with raw sugar…I am always the weird one I guess but I am with everyone here struggling and it is so depressing…my daughter and I love to eat out and so I have made the decision to eat Mexican, seafood like shrimp scampi and anything with spices.

I refuse to hurt myself by adding too much sugar or salt no matter how healthy they are…I am going to see my doctor and make sure nothing else is going on physically. Oh, I also love smoothies but they have to have the turbinado raw sweetener and I add fruits and veggies to make it healthier and I can taste them as well…I just hope this ends soon for me and everyone else here…. Hi I lost my taste and smell back in august and still havent gotten it back its been a true struggle to want to get the sensation that use to give you pleasure out of food now I just go through the months and days hoping and praying it returns.

I suddenly lost my taste and smell on December 28th out of the blue!

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I immediately got tested for Covid and tested Positive. The following day I became very congested and began a sore throat and nasal congestion. It's now January 5th and I still have absolutely no taste or smell! I pray everyday that I regain these senses and will never take for granted how important taste and smell is to me! Wishing everyone well! My sense of smell is still working, but nothing tastes the same, including things I used to crave.

It's been months now. I'm starting to shuffle around my meds because I cannot figure out what's causing this. I've lost 40 pounds, which isn't a bad thing, but there seems to be very few things I even want to eat lately. Any other suggestions? I got covid over 2 months ago and my smell would come and go. Now everything taste and smells the same, Idk if its going to be permanent but I aint liking it.

I posted a month ago. I still have no taste or smell. The ENT found nothing to explain it. I've had my meds looked at too. I have lost hope. I live on anti depressants and sedatives. How are you all coping…. I see a lot of these folks have lost their sense of taste and smell only for a few days. Well, I've been without smell or taste for 33 days now! I'm at wits's end. I think I had gotten Covid, and I see most folks get their sense of taste and or smell back within two weeks.

I called my doctor and they said it may take up to 2 months. Already feels like it's been a year, to me. I miss the smells of food baking in oven, fresh mowed grass, my scented candles burning, and perfume, just to name a few.

I used to love eating, but now I hate mealtime. You could give me a bowl of sawdust, or the priciest steak meal in the world, and both would taste like nothing. Does anyone know of a support group for this sort of thing? Nothing works.

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Hoping in time it comes back on its own. Try to take Inosiplex 2x a day for two weeks this is for boosting the immune system, you can buy this on the pharmacy but only with prescription, I take this medicine with advise from my friend on medical field they handles covid patient, for a month of struggling and being frustrated on how to get back my sense of taste and smell, now my sense of taste and smell goes back to normal.

I was sick on the 8th and now its the 18th and sense of taste still hasn't comeback, I've started to see some progress but now I'm worried ill never get it back, can someone please respond as I need to know how to treat this and for how long it will last. Im 18 yrs.

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Its already 1 week since i lost my sense of taste n smell due to cold weather and i haven't feel sick anywayi already lost my appetite to eat, can someone help me what should i do. Cause i don't feel comfortable on my situation right now. I am also suffering from total loss of smell and taste after a 3 day battle with fever. The fever has gone but the loss of smell remains. I would like to share to you what Ive done to regain smell. I bought a peppermint chewing gum and chew it from time to time then in between I gargle mouthwash after a few minutes I was amazed that my sense of smell is back though not completely but at least I can smell now rather than nothing.

Not a guarantee that it will work to you but its worth trying. God bless us all. The ENT only found a deviated septum which he said couldn't be the cause. I lived with it, telling myself that as long add I could taste and smell a little, I would be ok.

But I can no longer taste or smell anything. I had 2 days of a sore throat and coughing, so i figured either a cold or my allergies were back after 3 years of being fine. After 3 weeks I saw a nurse. I was tested for Covid but I was negative. The nurse said my sinuses are inflamed, and if I only had a portion of taste and smell to begin with, that could for me los8ng the rest of it. I am going to try another ENT, but he is booked until November. I am not sure how to get through over a month of waiting. Plus I 'm convinced I'll never be able to taste or smell again.

This has caused my severe depression, and panic attacks to flaire up. Something extremely interesting though…. And diminished again 9nce done. It's been almost twondays since I can't taste nor smell.

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I'm worried that I may have covid, but i dont have the other symptoms.

Need to taste it all

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