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Sameer A. The journey to that conclusion started one day inwhen Kastner was crossing Washington Road on her way to Nassau Hall for a meeting. Realizing she was automatically scanning for cars before she crossed the street, she wondered how the brain so quickly differentiated cars from other things in the environment.

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The problem for researchers was that they had difficulty replicating the chaos of our random world in the lab; they used simple, easily recognizable shapes in experiments to see how the brain reacted. Kastner exposed subjects to the full variation of a random environment by showing them a selection of street scenes and asking them to focus either on a person or a car, while a functional magnetic resonance imaging fMRI machine measured their brain activity.

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The scans showed clear patterns of activity in the frontal cortex, indicating that the neurons were activated based not on what subjects were seeing, but rather what they were looking for. When she asked subjects to focus on one object while introducing another object into their visual field, Kastner detected a fuzzy version of that second object in the brain scan.

The more objects in the visual field, the harder the brain has to work to filter them out, causing it to tire over time and reducing its ability to function.

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Such a mechanism may shed light on the brains of those with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD. But such techniques can help anyone who has trouble concentrating, Kastner says.

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To reconsider Einstein, a clean desk may not ify an empty mind — rather, a cluttered desk may make a mind too full. Research Psychology: Your Attention, Please.

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By Michael Blanding.

Looking for weekly attention

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