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Earlier at the drama's press conference, which was held at Ian Fang 's restaurant House of Muthe actress had revealed that she thought her role, for the most part, only required her to "lip sync to songs and go on romantic dates". Jesseca plays a mysterious jazz bar singer who gets involved with the titular character 'cos she bears an uncanny resemblance to his wife.

And from what we see in the trailer, the actress is a total badass in the show, which is now available on Toggle. In real life, Jess is quite a badass too. Especially when it comes to business. Laughs No lah! I think lip syncing is a lot more difficult than actually singing!

Acting is better. Have you ever met someone who could pass off as your twin? When Carrie [Wong ] first debuted, a lot of people said that she looks like me! But I think… okay only lah. Probably just the shape of her face and her height. Laughs We thought you were going to say your younger sister 'cos you guys really look alike. Actually, we don't really. In fact, I think we look rather different. But when I got married and she was my bridesmaid, she took off her glasses and everyone praised her for how good she looked.

Her eyes are bigger than mine and her nose bridge is also higher. You also have a cousin who works in Mediacorp and she looks just like you too. People have asked me if we are related even before they know we are cousins. I think we do look alike from certain angles. And we're both tall too! She's from my mum's side but the rest of my relatives don't look like me. Speaking of your sister, we know she helps you run your Airbnb homestay, which you started two years ago.

And earlier this year, you opened two more homestays. How did everything happen so fast? Actually, it was a coincidence. It just so happened that we came across a suitable location in Langkawi and we thought, since it was going to happen sooner or later, might as well just start it now! Have there been any other customers from hell since the last time we spoke to you about your Airbnb business? So even if someone takes them home by accident, I wouldn't notice! It would be like I gave them a gift.

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We have a lot of vases in the house, and they would shift them without returning them to their original position when they leave. You filmed three shows in the past year and you also deed all the layouts for your Airbnbs. How do you find the time? Actually, I de quite fast. I take about two to three days to come out with a draft layout. But the most time consuming part is sourcing for materials.

We flew to Bali and Bangkok for that. In July, you posted that you lost your laptop. Have you found it yet?

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No lah! Sulks Oh dear! Yeah so bo pianhave to rewrite lor.

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After I bought a new laptop, I immediately spent the next three days working on my script. There were some parts I forgot, but I managed to recall most of it. Were all your private documents and Airbnb layouts inside too? I have a lot of notebooks with me, so I think that good habit saved me. By Kendra Tan.

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Looking for jesseca

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