Looking for an opportunist

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By: Arnoldo Mata. We were discussing the aftermath in which one person seemed to get a cushy asment while others seemed to get to carry the heavy load. The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines opportunity as: 1 a favorable juncture of circumstances; and 2 a good chance for advancement or progress.

So, an opportunist really is someone who sees an opportunity and takes advantage of it.

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An opportunist is someone who sees an opportunity and seizes it. The truth is that we are all opportunists. In this case, the opportunist talked with a couple of other people ahead of the meeting to ask for the asment. He made a case for it, and they agreed. When he was alone with a supervisor, he managed to steer the conversation to the asment. It was a quiet campaign. The rest of the group thought the matter would be decided at the meeting and based on merit or a drawing of some type. The person making the decision probably should have been more transparent about how the decision would be made.

On the other hand, perhaps they assumed that no one else wanted the asment because no one else had mentioned it.

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In either case, the rest of the team failed to see the opportunity to lobby for the asment. But, we should always be opportunists, but honest opportunists. One can be an opportunist without being a jerk.

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Being an opportunist is more about your mindset. It is about being strategic, looking ahead and deciding which opportunities are worth taking. It involves being nimble and a lot of forward thinking.

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It requires balancing the pros and cons of an opportunity. Not all opportunities are worth taking. In the case I started with, there was one person who did not want the asment because it involved air travel, which they do not enjoy. Being a successful opportunist also requires a wide perspective. Not all opportunities should be focused on work. Being an opportunist means focusing that mindset on all elements of your life: business, professional, family, community, church and personal development.

Apply your opportunist mindset to your personal life.

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How much better would your life be if you took more opportunities to spend time with your family? How much fuller would your life be if you took more opportunities to serve your community? The other thing to consider is that opportunity requires balance. Opportunities, like creativity, benefit from cross-pollination.

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Taking advantage of opportunities in a different area can lead to new, ly unseen opportunities. Success in one area feeds success in other areas. Hyper-focused opportunism in one area creates a tunnel vision that becomes limiting. So, be the opportunist. Alter your mindset. Lender Match Makes Connections.

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Looking for an opportunist

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