Lonely married granny

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Dear Lois: What do I do? Our daughter was a single parent for five years. She is now married. When she married, she moved very far away.

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I am sick with depression because of this. I wish to maintain my close relationship with this child, but the competition on his part amazes me. Why is this? What can I do? Dear F. I won't tell you how blessed you are that your daughter after five difficult years has found happiness with a good man.

Instead I will tell you that your granddaughter is old enough to understand letters or tapes you can make and send.

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One of my favorite ideas came from a reader who sends a grandchild a book, then encloses an audiotape of Grandmother reading the story. A parent is asked to help the child follow the story in the book "Turn the ," "See the tail on the doggie? Seeing your grandchild is still best, however, so since you no longer need to buy so much for your granddaughter, why not go to visit for a few days every other month? Dear Lois: We celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary in September.

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We had a band. Our grandson is 5 years old and said to me, "Grandma, will you please dance with me? At Christmas he handed me a gift and said, "Here, Grandma. You'll just love it. Our daughter had taken it, and he had helped frame it. I just love it. Dear Irene: That had to be your favorite Christmas present.

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It's a reminder to both parents and children that we all need to remember that the best love isn't bought; it's given. Of all the things your family might have bought you, nothing can possibly give you greater joy than reliving that proud moment with your grandson.

David, at a year and a half, was doing errands with me. After a few blocks, he said in a weak little voice, "Grammie, carry me. I am a very active grandma who dances, works 40 hours a week and babysits in my spare time. The other day I started up a stairway with my 7-year-old granddaughter Trinity.

The first three steps were higher than the others. Trinity took my arm and said, "These steps are pretty high, so I'll help you. You're getting kinda old, Grandma. Our 4-year-old kept his hands over his eyes through the whole preschool Christmas program. At the end his other grandma said to him, "I saw Santa Claus looking in the window at you.

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Lonely married granny

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