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Estimated of deaths since due to organized criminal violence. Mexican law enforcement and the military have struggled to curb crime-related violence. Inthe of drug-related homicides in Mexico rose to 33, a 15 percent increase from the year—and a record high.

While on the campaign trail, then-candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador often referred to as AMLO proposed several strategies to combat crime-related violence. After winning the election and assuming office in DecemberAMLO announced the creation of a new National Guard a hybrid civilian police and military force to fight cartels. However, as production and distribution increased, the groups began fighting for territorial control and access to markets, leading to an increase in violence across Mexico.

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The Mexican government officially declared war on criminal organizations inwhen former President Felipe Calderon launched an initiative to combat cartels using military force. Bydrug-related homicides had increased by 22 percentwith more than twenty thousand killed, and in a mass grave containing the remains of more than victims of crime-related violence was uncovered in Veracruz State.

Sincecrime-related violence has resulted in an estimateddeaths. Recognizing widespread assertions that the use of military force has only increased the level of crime-related violence in Mexico—and accusations that the military has committed human rights abuses and carried out extrajudicial killings —then—presidential candidate AMLO promised on his campaign trail to revolutionize the fight against cartels and revert to a civilian-led police force.

Inthe George W. Bush administration and Calderon government launched the Merida Initiative to improve U. Trump administration. According to the U. Drug Enforcement Agency, Mexican cartels represent the greatest drug-related threatsupplying heroin, marijuana, methamphetamines, and other drugs, to the United States. Criminal and drug trafficking organizations threaten to undermine the strength and legitimacy of the Mexican government, an important U.

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Hot mexican wanted

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