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Programs Compatibility Applications MagicJack Tiger Jet phone - Microsoft Community

It only takes a minute to sign up. Connected the thin client to the router and then powered it on. Opened the Teamviewer application and remotely logged into the thin client via our computer. The window that appeared on the computer screen was the desktop image from the thin client. It looked just like the desktop of any Windows XP computer. Plugged a magicJack into one of the USB ports on the tigerjet magicjack of the thin client and once it was initialized then placed a call to a landline phone.

It worked!!! Downloaded the new Magicfeatures plugin Tigerjet magicjack 1. Double clicked on the Magicfeatures plugin setup installation icon on the thin client desktop and installed the application.


It went straight in just like it tigerjet magicjack on a normal computer. This isn't surprising. With a normal 'landline' phone service, the customer is responsible for maintaining the telephone and its attached cord.

If the user has a problem, he tigerjet magicjack the telephone set functions by testing it at another location. If it works, he passes the problem onto his telephone company.


A telephone system powered by Magic Jack presents the user with far more responsibility. As well as the Magic Jack device and handset, the system depends on the serviceability of the user's internet connection and, in the case of earlier MJ devices, their computer system. The task of locating the exact fault is set squarely on the customer's shoulders. To ensure your telephone system operates reliably, it is advisable to conduct tigerjet magicjack form of routine maintenance. Below is listed a routine that can easily be performed on monthly basis.


Skip to main content. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Where can I find the tigerjet magicjack I think I just need to reinstall it. What do you think? Can you please assist?

Voip - How do I get my phone to ring using Linphone and MagicJack? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

Please see my previous response. The ethernet cable is used for connecting directly to your router.

It is not used for connecting to your computer. That may solve a lot of frustration.

How to Repair and Maintain Your Magic Jack System

Use only the USB connector to connect to your computer. AC adapter and ethernet cable are not required tigerjet magicjack this mode. Angel, You should not have any trouble connecting. The firmware should automatically install and connect.

Usually, is an internet connection error. Try a standard network reboot: 1. Power off your modem, router and magicJack. Wait two minutes. tigerjet magicjack

Programs Compatibility Applications MagicJack Tiger Jet phone

Turn on the power to the modem. Most Active Forum Topics this week I have read and agree to the Pissed Consumer Tigerjet magicjack of Service.Tigerjet prevents me from using my regular phone. In "menu, Volume/Headset Control, Telephone", usb Internet Phone by Tigerjet is greyed out. I tried to install MagicJack but I kept having prob.

was no good, and the other said that TigerJet, the MagicJack USB box, also had a problem.

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