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Here's a look back at the key moments in her case as her family continues to search for answers. Tipsters can remain anonymous. Maya has three children, ages 4, 9, and Investigators said Maya has not answered phone calls or text messages since Jan. CVPD Lt. It was at this point that investigators learned that Maya had vanished three days prior.

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The search for the missing mom began. For the next two weeks, Maya's family, the community and police searched for her.

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Investigators described Maya as 5 feet, 2 inches and pounds, with brown hair, brown eyes and freckles. Her family said she has a tattoo on her wrist. Miriam Foxx said that investigators had served a search warrant at Maya's home. Police said Maya's family had been and continued to be cooperative in the search for the missing woman. The family had plastered posters of the missing mother all over Chula Vista.

Searches continued along the hills near her home, not far from Mt. San Miguel Park. Police have never named Larry as a suspect in the disappearance of his wife. Drouaillet told NBC 7 Larry was the last person to see her sister. Please, help us find my sister. Anyone out there, if you have any information at all, please help me, help us find my sister. And from the bottom of our hearts, please, we thank you, we thank you, and we thank you.

And I want you to know that to hear that May missed her daughter's birthday hit home with many of our officers and our detectives here at this department that are also parents. The group wanted to make sure there was no lag in the investigation and to keep the interest high on the case.

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Maya's family said her abrupt disappearance and lack of communication is uncharacteristic of her. Maricris Drouaillet said that, deep in her heart, she's still hoping for the best. So, Jan. In this interview with Maya's family, NBC 7 learned more about who she is as a person and mother. Foxx said, at this point, there were no known suspects in the disappearance of Maya. Foxx said Larry Millete was still not cooperating with police, nor was he helping with the search parties.

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In Dehesa, the group stumbled across bones; the San Diego Sheriff's Department confirmed they were animal bones. Family, friends and even volunteers who do not personally know Maya said they were determined to continue searching for the missing mother, even if the days continue to pass without answers. Her family, alongside friends and volunteers, held a special walk and prayer for her at a park in Chula Vista.

Although the days are turning into weeks and now months, they're still holding out hope they will find Maya. They vowed to keep searching for her so her case doesn't turn cold. Maya's sister, Maricris Drouaillet, told NBC 7 that investigators told her family they had finished compiling the of the Jan. She said there's "a lot to go through," but the family hopes to learn more soon.

Foxx said the CVPD did not have any updated on the case and detectives continue to "actively investigate" Maya's disappearance. April 7 marked exactly three months since Maya vanished. Dan Peak detailed the investigative steps from the department on this high-profile case, which he said includes:.

Her sister, Maricris Drouaillet, said Maya had dreamed of spending her birthday with her family at the Grand Canyon. Instead, her family will spend the day at Fiesta Island, praying for her safe return. May 7 will mark four months since she vanished. Her brother-in-law, Richard Drouaillet, said the investigation has been frustrating for the family.

At this point, he remains a witness, not a suspect, in the case. The family is working with former U. Navy investigator and defense attorney Billy Little, who has been working independently to find Maya. Maya's family marked the missing mother's 40th birthday with a gathering at Fiesta Island.

It had been exactly days since she was last seen. Maya's family said they had also created a new website with information on how to support their efforts and any future searches, as well as blog updates from her loved ones during this difficult time. Learn more at www. Organizers said on social media that they were "seeking community support in the urgency to find May" and would "be coming together as a community to continue advocating for Maya.

For the second time during the investigation of Maya's disappearance, Chula Vista police served a search warrant at the home the missing mom shared with her husband and children. Police said Maya's husband, Larry Millete, who has not been named as a suspect in the case, was not home at the time of the search. CVPD officers arrived at the home at around p. Officers were seen loading things into the back of a van parked in the driveway while others led K9's around the property.

What appeared to be rifles and boxes typically used to store ammunition were loaded into the van. Meanwhile, 60 to 70 supporters of Maya's family surrounded the property as police worked. Maya's sister and brother-in-law raced down from Riverside, California, after friends told them an arrest warrant was being served.

They found out while on their way that it was just a search warrant. No family should go through this," her sister said. In the morning, we are crying. We don't have any clue where she is. It is heartbreaking. NBC 7 learned that Maya's husband, Larry Millete, had been served a temporary Gun Violence Restraining Order days before police served a second search warrant on the couple's home. A Gun Violence Restraining Order is a court order that prohibits the person from having in his or her custody or control, own or possess, or receive any firearms or ammunition while the order is in effect. The petitioner must convince the Judge that the person to be restrained poses a ificant danger in the near future of:.

Police will come and remove the guns or the person can store them with a d gun dealer while the restraining order is in effect. The order is set to expire on June NBC 7 reached out to the Chula Vista Police Department for more information but we did not immediately hear back from police. Dames runs the Matrix Intelligence Agency and uses remote viewing to find missing people. You can read his story, here. CVPD said they will continue to provide updates every two weeks until ificant information or a break in the case occurs in the investigation. New updates include CVPD interviewing three more individuals, two new search warrants issued, and reviewing eight new tips.

Chula Vista police served another search warrant at May's home located on the block of Paseo Los Gatos on July 1. CVPD said the goal of the warrant was to obtain additional evidence and clues to Millete's current whereabouts. The move follows Wednesday's announcement that the department had written six more search warrants in the case in the past two weeks. In the past two weeks, CVPD said on Wednesday, they have conducted four new interviews, having spoken with 68 people in all -- friends, family members and other witnesses.

Also, police officials said they had written a half-dozen new search warrants connected to the case and reviewed six news tips, out of nearly they have received. More than six months after her disappearancethe Chula Vista Police Department formally named, Larry Millete, a person of interest in the case. Investigators were seen carrying what appeared to be, long guns and boxes of ammunition away from the home. Her sister, Maricris Drouaillet, said the rally was also a way for the family to let the public know that Maya was still missing and the case remained unsolved.

Chula Vista police said on Aug. The pipeline of tips on the high-profile case appeared to be dwindling — just three new tips shared with CVPD since July 28 had been deemed worth of investigation. Newly filed family court documents reveal a strain between Larry Millete and his in-laws.

The court documents show a fight over the visitation rights of Millete's children. In the spring, Pablito and Noemi Tabalanza asked for visiting rights with their three grandchildren. Then on Sept.

Chula vista asian women

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