Casual Dating Walls

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I feel deeply and fall in love quickly. There were a couple of one-off kisses with strangers. My first kiss at 16, also my first experience getting drunk and first offer of sex, which I turned down politely. There were others, mostly forgettable. I wanted it to be loving and with someone I trusted. We ended it after a year and within a few months I was dating the man who would soon become my husband. Our relationship was the complete reversal. We were best friends and knew everything about each other. We connected at every level.

We were deeply in love. But the sex was… mediocre. We got married quickly and I tried to stay present when we made love, but in the end I closed my eyes and let myself slip into fantasies of other men, other places. Over the decade of our marriage, the sex became worse, rougher, and more selfish. He no longer cared if I wanted it or not.

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I left my toxic marriage and, as many of us do, headed straight into another even more toxic one. For the first time, I achieved multiple orgasms. After I broke it off with my rebound guy, I took a good look at my relationship history. Post continues below. Nearing 40, I launched myself headfirst into hookup culture.

It was time to ditch the fake halo and give casual sex a go. The night was fun, the sex average, but I called it a success. I wanted a partner to comfort me, I got a horny guy who wanted to get down to it and then leave. The next time he messaged for me to come around, I turned him down.

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In fact, I felt my heart toughening up. I was starting to understand how people separated sex and love. This carried on for a few months. I was worried about STIs and assault. I felt too inexperienced to throw myself into the wilderness of Tinder hookups with complete strangers. But there were enough offers in real life to keep me going. Then my girlfriends invited me to an overnight party, and we all had plans to find a man to enjoy it with. He was the most attractive man in the room and when I sat next to him I could tell he was interested.

We chatted softly about the music and shared jokes like an old couple. When he slipped his hand into mine, it felt like the most natural thing in the world. I felt bold that night and led him outside, but after only a short time kissing I was bored. Why kiss when we knew where it was going? His eyes lit up with surprise and he quickly found us a private spot, dragging me by the hand into the night. When sex started to drag out, I found myself losing interest. On the way home I decided I was done.

My heart felt cold and dead after only a few months. What would happen to it after a year? Is this how other people felt? The thought frightened me. A few weeks later I started dating the man who is now my husband.

When we have sex, it feels like an expression of our love. Casual flings might be exciting, but I prefer sex with my heart fully open and not a brick in sight. Leave a comment. The cold wind burned my ears as he leaned in for a kiss. I knew what he really meant, and I was fine with it. Watch: How to have better sex. Katherine Hart. Listen Now. Meet Mireille Eligible. Your Questions Answered Hitched. Introducing: What Are You Wearing? Mamamia Out Loud. It was time to try the alternative. But it was still fine. No heartbreak. Afterwards, we spent the night together cuddling and talking.

But when he kissed me goodbye the next day, I felt nothing. My heart walls were impenetrable. Take our quick survey. up to Mamamia Weekend Re. Stories to indulge in, sent to your inbox every weekend. up. Tags: real-life features dating.

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Top Comments. Just an observation: we seem to be getting a fair few articles written by women who feel unfulfilled or hurt by casual sex. It would be nice to have more editorial balance - I'm sure Mamamia doesn't want to give the impression that it has a negative stance on casual sex.

Conversely, I am sure that you don't want to be indirectly fostering the message that committed relationships are the only framework wherein sex "feels right" for women. True Crime. Before The Bump. Parent Opinion.

Casual Dating Walls

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