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The friends with benefits arrangement is the holy grail of relationships. It glows with the promise of no-strings-attached sex, rewarding friendship and none of the stresses of coupling. But it's fraught with hurdles, so if you get lured in and stare at it for too long, you could get burned like the bad guys in "Indiana Jones. A new survey is shedding some light on the success rate of FWBs and what outcomes you can expect when entering into this delicate scenario.

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As Bustle so eloquently puts it, you have a better chance of contracting herpes. So, not only is it unlikely to jump from FWB to SO, but it's the least likely outcome of the available scenarios. Thewhich were presented at the November meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality, are summarized by Dr.

Justin Lehmiller in Business Insider. The survey looked at people — about three quarters of whom were straight, white women — with an average age of Each respondent had known their FWB for an average of three years at the start of the study. In addition to the outcomes, the research indicates that the expectations you have when entering into a FWB setup affects the outcome as well.

What this all means is that becoming friends with benefits is certainly not a death knell for your friendship with the person in the long run, but it's most definitely not a fast track to a romantic relationship, either.

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As with any relationship, it appears your best bet is to be open and discuss your expectations with the potential FWB before making the leap. Just be aware of your realistic odds going forward.

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