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Naughty housewives seeking sex encounters. Sweet wives want casual encounter Blondes mature want fucking orgy Augusta Maine Checkout girl at Basic. Montgomery, 21 Kenda Its hot out. I really REALLY am tired of the bar scene, and other than the library there isn't reason anyplace I can meet women on a day to day basis. Especially since I am employed in a male dominated field.

Someone who would rather lay on the couch naked with me than go out to the bars on most nights. Someone who I want to make feel special, and adored. But also someone who can be a bit of a dirty girl I want what every man wants A lady in public and a whore in the bedroom.

I am hardworking, honest, and intelligent. I have never cheated. I am not a douche. Also not a seriel killer. I LOVE sex. A LOT. I like to cook. I like dogs and say I hate cats but really don't. I am not afraid of snakes, lizards, or spiders and have had them all for pets. I'm Irish. I curse a lot and don't fucking care. I work entirely to much for very little money. That being said, my bills are paid and I can always find a little extra to spoil my girl.

I don't care what you do for a living as long as it makes you happy. I actually enjoy cuddling. I am a Red Sox fan. If your a yankees fan you can stop reading now. I will go to Wal-mart at in the morning to get you a heating pad and Midol if need be.

I don't like kids, though I think I'm beginning to warm up to the idea as I get older. I had a vasectomy 10 years ago. I would be my happiest living in a small hut on a tropical island. I have studied wilderness survival since I was a kid so if the world ends we'll still eat : I read constantly with Stephen King, Hunter S.

Thompson, and Elmore Leonard being my favorites. I also hope to write a novel someday. I am seriously considering packing up and moving to San Diego.

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If you somehow think the above makes me less of a man please stop reading. I love to buy flowers but never when they are expected. I can be romantic and loving but I am a man and in no way soft. I will never forget your birthday.

Neither will you. Your friends will like me. Your parents will love me. I don't have parents so you don't have to worry about it. You can watch games with me if you don't ask questions. I will never be pussy whipped. I am not controlling or jealous. I will run you a bath and listen to you talk about work if you've had a bad day. I don't hog the remote. Who am I kidding of course I hog the remote I have a penis. Speaking of which I am bigger than average down there.

Quite a bit. I love getting head.

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And am always more than happy to return the favor. I usually date women who are bisexual. I don't believe in God and if you do I will find it hard to take you serious. Same goes for aliens, ghosts, and the like. Having played 3 sports all through school and my work has kept me in good shape for I know how to fight but use my brain to avoid them. I don't go to the movies because I fall asleep everytime without fail. I smell like grass, sweat and dirt when I get off work.

The best part about my job is waking up to a thunderstorm and knowing I can go back to bed to sleep with you or more than likely NOT sleep ; Rain is good for 3 things I prefer small quiet pubs to crowded bars and refuse to go to dance clubs.

I believe in uncoditional love trust and respect. I will look at the chick with the huge tits, but will try not to make it obvious. You can not possibly be worse than my last girlfriend. I will write you letters and mail them to you. If you like dogs, you will love mine. If you don't she'll love you anyways. I'll add more if I think of them If you made it through and are interested please feel free to me and please respond with a pic. Sweet wives want casual encounter Blondes mature want fucking orgy Augusta Maine Hookup in the next few hours. Saint Charles25 Isreal Attractive Professional male with a big cock.

A Disposable Man m4w I really am. I have all the characteristics that women say they want in a man. I'm kind, affectionate, nurturing, responsible, clean, dependable I've been told more than once that I'm handsome, and apparently I have great hair Did I mention that I have a thick, straight, hard dick?

But I guess I'm just not interesting enough to keep. That's okay; I'm used to it now. I don't believe in "happily ever after" any more. But if you come over, I'll show you my skills as a lover, thrill you with my sensual touch, give you more pleasure than you ever imagined possible All I want is to hear you cry out in ecstasy.

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And then you can forget all about me. Although, if you me back for an encore, I'd be happy to have you again. I'm 31, white, average. I don't smoke, and I'm clean. I can host, of course, and I don't have any pets.

I'm very open, and you can ask me anything. So, just tell me what you desire and let me make it so No strings attached just simply fwb.

Augusta Maine mature women for sex

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