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Cyprus is one of the top wedding destinations in Europe. Thousands of couples visit Cyprus and get married every year and almost all of them feel more than happy for choosing Cyprus for their wedding. If I had to describe your wedding in Cyprus in three short bullet points, then:. By making your wedding in Cyprus, you will have a few pleasant headaches to solve.

Like, to which of all those fascinating wedding venues to get married? Or which one of those wonderful places to choose for my wedding reception? With many professional companies and wedding planners to support you, a lot of the worries vanish, and you concentrate on what really matters, your wedding. Every year thousands of couples from Europe, Russia, Israel, the Middle East and all over the world get married in Cyprus. This created a weddings industry in Cyprus which is now mature and experienced. By now, there are many well established, professional companies and wedding planners that are ready to successfully undertake any kind of wedding.

For anyone planning to marry in Cyprus, this means that the couple can expect a wonderful and memorable wedding day, with no problems Many of these companies and wedding planners offer wedding packages. The packages can be as simple as just preparing the documents required for your wedding, making the necessary paperwork and closing a wedding venue for you, and go all the way to wedding packages that include just about everything.

Prices, of course, vary accordingly. You will be able to find a wedding package that is cheap, affordable or expensive. Decide whether you will let the professionals prepare everything for you, or if you will actively take part in the wedding preparation.

It is your unique day and your decision about how to make it unforgettable!

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Wedding packages are not, of course, the only option to get married in Cyprus. Whether you plan a small, intimate wedding or a bespoke wedding, again Cyprus is your place to be! If you require to have a wedding that is legal both in Cyprus and abroad, then there are certain formalities you must follow. Are weddings in Cyprus recognized? Yes, they are recognized all over the world. How many days in Cyprus before the wedding? Residency and waiting period requirements. Where to start in order to make arrangements for your marriage in Cyprus.

All non-Cypriots need to provide the following certificates in order to get married in Cyprus. If any of them is missing, then there is no way to get married, so please be careful with these:. This applies for couples that come from countries that are a member of the Hague Convention. For other countries, not members of the Hague Convention, the documents must be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Cyprus Embassy or Consulate in the country.

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All documents must be officially translated into the English language and issued a maximum of six months before the date of application. This information was correct as of July Please check here for up to date required documents and certificates. After coming to Cyprus for your marriage, there is a procedure to follow. Again, please make sure that you have all the necessary documents with you.

Before the wedding, both the couples must present in person to the Municipality of their choice to officially apply for their wedding. During this procedure, they are required to take with them a set of original documents. Also, you should bring with you the following original documents, if they are applicable:. Religious Ceremony In case the couple wishes to have a religious marriage, the same legal requirements and procedure apply as in the civil wedding.

You do not need an additional civil ceremony prior to your wedding. The wedding procedure, in general, is like this. In-depth information about the wedding procedure can be found on the website of the Union of Cyprus Municipalities. They have a very informative article for the procedure of a wedding in Cyprus. You can read this article here. After these formalities, the couple is free to marry between 15 days at the earliest and 3 months the latest from the date of given notice.

After the three months period, the whole procedure becomes void and has to be repeated from the beginning. If the couple wants to get married earlier than 15 days from the date of the notice, they can pay for a date within three working days from the notice. A couple visiting Cyprus for their marriage has an option of two types of ceremonies: civil marriages or church marriages.

They are both perfectly legal and recognized worldwide. The same paperwork is required for either type of ceremony. One thing to stress out is that even in the case of a religious church wedding, the necessary wedding is issued by the municipality where the church is located.

For example, to get married in a church in the city of Limassol, the Limassol municipality will issue the necessary permit. Civil weddings are the main type of wedding couples come to Cyprus Cyprus to get married. The simple, straight forward procedure and the fact that a civil wedding in Cyprus is recognised all over the world make them very attractive. Even if the couple cannot have a civil wedding in their home country, and make a civil wedding in Cyprus, then their marriage is still officially recognised in their countries.

Primarily, a civil wedding is held in a municipality's town hall. But this is not the only place to have a civil wedding. Beach weddings, yacht weddings, weddings at hotels, beautiful places and even a few ancient monuments are also very popular wedding venues. Weddings at ancient monuments are only allowed at places where the Cyprus Department of Archaeology gives permission. For weddings, at venues outside the town halls an extra, special fee applies. Civil marriages in Cyprus - documents required and procedure.

Documents and procedure required are as described above. After the wedding formalities. The official wedding ceremony as such is very simple and takes little time. The duration of the wedding is about 10 to 15 minutes. When the ceremony is completed, the couple receives the original ed wedding certificate from the wedding officer in charge.

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In case needed, extra copies of the wedding certificate can be issued for a fee. Civil weddings with blessings — write about hotels that have chapels and can combine both civil wedding and blessings. In addition to Greek Orthodox Christian weddings, a couple can marry following the Catholic or the Anglican churches. First of all, please have in mind that, as we already wrote above, in the case of a religious marriage, the same legal requirements and to the wedding procedure apply as in the civil wedding.

An Anglican church wedding is considered legal by just attending the religious ceremony in the church. This means it is not required an additional civil ceremony prior to your wedding with the Anglican Church, in order to be considered official, valid and recognized. For a catholic church wedding however to be recognized and considered legal abroad, then a civil ceremony has to precede the religious church wedding. For details about a Catholic wedding:. For information about Catholic weddings in Cyprus in general, and Catholic weddings in Paphos, please follow this link.

For information about Catholic weddings in Nicosia, please follow this link. For contact details of Catholic churches in Cyprus, regarding a Catholic wedding, please follow this link. For details about an Anglican wedding:. For information about Anglican weddings in Nicosia, please follow this link.

For information about Anglican weddings in Limassol, please follow this link. For information about Anglican weddings in Paphos, please follow this link. Restaurants and tavernas.

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